Demo Day Recap and Upcoming Events

Wow!  Let me just start this off by saying this year’s demo day was a huge success.  Demonstrators for almost twenty different game systems taught an overwhelming number of new players.  We raffled off a $50 Gift Card and a couple of $20 Gift Cards to a few happy gamers.  To top it all off, we all had a lot of fun doing it.  If you missed this year, mark next year on your calendar well in advance as this is an event not to miss.  If you’re still wondering about a game you didn’t get a chance to have demoed, contact one of our Standard Bearers to set up a private tutorial.

For all of you out there who learned about a new game and are excited to play it, here are the next steps:

Players who tried out one of our TCGs, World of Warcraft the card game has a weekly WoW Battleground day, every Tuesday.

Our Pokemon league runs on Monday nights, and today marks the first release event run at Black Knight Games.  This new set is an exciting one, as a lot of the old favorites are making a return.

The Magic: the Gathering league for Return to Ravnica just kicked off again on Mondays as well.  We run multiple tournaments for Magic, with our Friday Night Magic events running every (you guessed it) Friday Night.  If you’re new to the game of Magic and want to start playing and collecting at the same time, our Drafts held on alternating Fridays are the best way to get involved.

Our major miniature games were not forgotten at demo day.  Warmachine and Hordes demos were popular, as always.  If you’re excited about picking up a Warmachine/Hordes Battlegroup we have the perfect opportunity: a journeyman league at BKG!  Starting on December 27th Black Knight will be hosting a journeyman league.  Entry is $25, which you get as credit toward Warmahordes purchases during the league.  Details will follow, so check back here.

For players excitied to start 40K or Warhammer Fantasy, we have a great tournament scene here and events scheduled every month.  Our next 40K tournament is a great one to bring a friend to, the ever popular 40K Doubles! (set for December 15th)  December’s WFB event is 1000 points and will involved a hero who gains power throughout the event.  Come on out on the 29th and Assemble the Chosen.

One of my favorite aspects of Demo day is the opportunity to show off some of our smaller-scale, skirmish games.  Will, one of our seasoned gamers, demoed Malifaux all day, a Victorian game of Gothic magic and terror.

Meanwhile Jim showed off Infinity, a game that just released an exciting campaign book.  I have an Infinity crew and always felt what the game needed was exciting scenario play, and now it has it.

Mykk was showing of Dropzone Commander (now in stock at BKG).  This 15mm skirmish game launched to fantastic praise and success, but low availability.  Now that it’s finally in stock and we’ve finished our first Call to Arms for it, players were excited to play it on Saturday.  With our Retake the Cradle Worlds DZC league starting Nov 20th, there’s never been a better time to pick up this new hotness.

I spent the day showing Blood Bowl to players and had a lot of fun.  Season Two for Blood Bowl is starting in January, so anyone keen to get involved should sign up in the store.  We will be collecting a minor entry this season to cover the cost of a new pitch and some sweet dice for all involved.  Sign up now while there are still spots!

Tim plays games.  Rawr!

The last game I want to talk about has been a real hit here at BKG  — X-Wing!  We have a tournament day coming up that we’ve moved from December 8th to December 22nd to let us offer the new Slave 1 and Millennium Falcon as prizes.  If this game continues to grow in popularity we have a league planned for the new year.

We also had demos for Flames of War, Quarriors, Dominion, IKRPG, Pathfinder, and Dystopian Wars, but the day was so busy I don’t even have a chance to check them out.

Check back here regularly for updates on all of the above.  If you have a question or comment about anything happening at BKG feel free to email us or, better yet, post something up for discussion on our forums.

Court of the Puppet King

Malifaux is a dangerous place to live. When you aren’t huddled in your house worrying about zombies and monsters breaking in a dragging you away, you are outside, wondering when the next earthquake or volcanic eruption is going to drop a building on your head. It’s a rough place, where only the desperate would ever go, and only the strong can hope to survive.

And yet, despite all of these things, people bring their children with them through the breach…

The Court of the Puppet King league has begun, join us on Monday Nights and get involved!

Check out the details here.

Malifaux League: Court of the Puppet King

Malifaux is a dangerous place to live. When you aren’t huddled in your house worrying about zombies and monsters breaking in a dragging you away, you are outside, wondering when the next earthquake or volcanic eruption is going to drop a building on your head. It’s a rough place, where only the desperate would ever go, and only the strong can hope to survive.

And yet, despite all of these things, people bring their children with them through the breach…

The Court of the puppet king is a 7 week multi-player campaign set in the city of Malifaux. Players will be required to sign up with their name, and the faction they wish to represent throughout the Campaign. During the campaign, there will be a weekly scenario game run by the campaign organizer. These games will include all of the campaign players in one large match. Each week of the event, players will also be assigned an opponent, and asked to organize a game with that person to be played by the beginning of the next week’s event. These games will be played using standard Malifaux rules and scenarios. Players are asked to report the outcome of the event to the tournament organizer before the weekly scenario game.

The weekly individual games will be where players from each faction can try to gain an advantage for their team in the next scenario game. The weekly scenario game will be where players can gain a bonus for their team in the campaign finale, so every game matters!

The children of Malifaux are in danger, and the hidden court of the Puppet King is the key to saving them from a terrible fate! Of course you may be leading them from one terrible fate into another,  that is up to you

Start date: January 16th, 2012

Ends: March 6th, 2012.

Weekly Scenario games will be help on Monday evenings at Black Knight Games (excluding Family Day) Start time for weekly events is 6:30 PM.

Any questions, please Email me,

Malifaux Primer Series

Mykk, the Standard Bearer for Malifaux is arranging for some entry level Malifaux Gaming on Mondays starting next week.

Hi guys,

I want to start a primer gaming series for Malifaux players to start next week and run to mid December. The idea is just to get people playing games, building off of their C2A crews and getting to know the rules better. In January I plan to follow up with a more detailed league/campaign hopefully with some prize support or incentives, but we can talk about that later.

I plan to be at the store Mondays to run games, but will be encouraging participants to play games whenever they can get them in towards this series.

~Mykk, Mailifaux Standard Bearer

So beginning next Monday, October 31st, we will be running casual Malifaux gaming nights on Mondays!

When: Mondays, starting at 5:00pm

Bring: Your Crew

Entry Fee: None!

Ending: Mid December

See you there!

Call to Arms: Malifaux (Updated)

The Call to Arms event for Malifaux is in full swing, and an impressive seventeen participants are now painting feverishly (or at least they should be!) to get their new forces done.  There is still nearly three weeks left until the deadline, so if you are interested in joining in there is certainly still enough time!  A very interesting note is that out of the seventeen individuals participating, not a single one has chosen either Guard or Resurectionists as their faction.  So if you’re looking for something unique to play, those would be an excellent option.

Now that the Call to Arms: Malifaux event page has been updated you can follow the progress of each participant as they try and build an army from scratch with a deadline.  Participants, don’t forget to submit your journal entries along the way as well.  Now would be an excellent time to submit one to let everyone know what you are working on, and what your game-plan is!

Good luck to all of the participants.  I myself am not joining in on this one as I have another painting project that I am working one, however Black Knight Games will be represented well with both Rob and Chris throwing their hats in the ring!  To the winners go the spoils!

~The Black Knight

Update: Call to Arms’ WFB & Malifaux

This is an update on our current, and next Call to Arms events.

Call to Arms 2011: Warhammer is over this coming Sunday.  So far we only have one participant that has completed their army.  Everyone else has not yet submitted a second journal entry.  So if you are participating in this Call to Arms event make sure to send us an update, and power through the army and get it done!  There is a $375.00 victory pool to be split by anyone that finishes, which means that unless some other participants join Darryl in a victory lab he will be single-handedly taking how the entire prize!  So if ever you needed motivation to finish painting a project, here it is.  Check out the updated website here.

Registration has now begun for Call to Arms 2011: Malifaux.  We already have nine participants registered, and several more have expressed interest.  This one is the easiest Call to Arms event we have ever done.  A typical Malifaux force at 35 points (the goal) is between 6-10 models.  Who can’t finish 10 models in a month?  Malifaux is a new game that is already bursting with popularity and potential at Black Knight Games.  Don’t know how to play?  No problem, we already have a Knightly Order that is more then happy to teach new players the game.  Ask staff for details, and check out the website here.

Call to Arms: Malifaux Announced!


The next Call to Arms has been announced!  For this one we will be delving in to the strange world of Malifaux, by Wyrd Games.  Malifaux is a newer game here at Black Knight Games, and there have been a lot of people interested in giving it at try, well here is the perfect opportunity!

Malifaux is set in a very interesting universe, one that combines elements of steam-punk, horror, western, weird-science and many other themes into one fun game.

Unlike the first two Call to Arms events that we did (Warhammer & Warhammer 40,000) Malifaux is a skirmish-size game, meaning you can play a game with as little as five to ten miniatures.  Because of this we have reduced the entry fee, and time-limit.  So rather then being $150 to enter like the past two, Call to Arms: Malifaux will only cost $50.  And, rather then getting two months to finish the army, you will only get one.

We will still have the other elements of Call to Arms that everyone else enjoyed, like the status update website, the victory-pool for winners to split, the discounted start-up (you get $60 worth or stuff for your $50 entry fee), and the tournament at the finale.

Registration will begin on Monday, June 20th so be sure to get involved and give this fresh new game a try!  For full rules check out the Call to Arms: Malifaux website!

And, if you are curious about the Call to Arms event that will follow up Malifaux here is a sneak-peak.