Miniature Madness!

Miniature Madness

On Saturday we will be hosting a celebration of Miniature Gaming!  Bring your minis and play as many games as you can in the hopes of winning some sweet door prizes!

When: Saturday, August 1st, ALL DAY

Entry Fee: Nope – Free to All!

Gaming: Participants in Miniature Madness can play as much as they want, against whoever they want, with any miniature game system they want.  Each participant will get a sheet to record their games, opponents, and game systems played.

Discount on Minis: Anyone that participates in Miniature Madness will get a 10% Discount on the purchase of any miniatures or hobby supplies they buy that day!  In-Stock Items Only

Prizes:  We will have a bunch of fun miniatures to give away through draws during Miniature Madness.  You can earn a lot of ballots for prizes during Miniature Madness, getting one:

  • For every game you play you will get a ballot.
  • For every different game system you play you will get a ballot.
  • For every different opponent you play you will get a ballot.

So if you play only one game of Infinity – and that is all – you would get THREE BALLOTS (One for the game, one for the opponent, and one for the game system).  If you played three games of age of Sigmar against three different opponents, and one game of 40K against one of the same opponents you would earn NINE BALLOTS (four for the games played, two for the two game systems, and three for the three unique opponents you played).

So join us on Saturday to celebrate Miniature Gaming at Black Knight Games!!!

Heroclix: Age of Ultron Sealed Tournament

Heroclix - Age of Ultron

Black Knight Games is proud to announce that we will be running an Age of Ultron Sealed event for Heroclix!  The prize kit looks amazing, and it should be a great time for all.

When: Thursday, June 18th, 6:00pm (Registration at 5:30pm)

Entry Fee: $35.00 ($30.00 for Stronghold Members).  This price includes 2 Age of Ultron Boosters.  Seating is limited to 10 players total, so be sure to pre-register now to reserve your spot!

Prizes: The Age of Avengers OP Prize kit is full of great prizes.  Every player gets a Avengers Round Table 3D resource object, and Ironman Avengers ID Card.  There is a great Grandmaster limited edition figure to be awarded to the Top 2 players, and the player chosen by Fellowship.


Heroclix ROC Tournament Today!

Join us today at noon for our biggest Heroclix event yet, and win a sweet playmat-style ROC Map!!

Heroclix ROC Event

Heroclix ROC Win a Map Tournament

Heroclix ROC Event

We will be running a big Heroclix event this weekend!  The ROC Win a Map Tournament will be the most prestigious Heroclix event we’ve ever hosted!

When: Saturday, February 28th, 12:00pm (Registration at 11:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($15.00 for Stronghold Members)

Format: 300pts Modern Age “No Tactics”


– Tactics are NOT allowed.

* NO Special Objects
* NO Resources
* NO Feat Cards or Battlefield Conditions
* NO Event Dials
* NO Bystanders Tokens
* NO Themed Team benefits (Team Prob or bonus to map roll).

– NO Entity Possession (although you may play Entity’s at their full point values).
– Nothing larger than a Peanut Base (double based character).
– Constructs, Word Balloons, and Toys ARE allowed (They are not “Tactics”)

Additional Information Sheets can be found HERE

Prizes: $15.00 in store credit per player will be added to the prize pool, which is split among the top players.  In addition we have a ROC Win a Map Event kit which includes the following prizes:

1st Place – 5 points towards the ROC Championship Standings, set of dice and 2 tokens + map
2nd Place – 3 points towards the ROC Championship Standings, set of dice and 2 tokens
3rd/4th Place – 2 points towards the ROC Championship Standings, set of dice and 2 tokens

Heroclix Events for December


This December we have three Heroclix evenings for you (since we are closed on Christmas Day).

Thu, Nov 27 Heroes VS Villains 300pts, Silver Age $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members Players must bring 2 teams of equal value. 6pm – 10pm
Thu, Dec 4 A Long, Long Time Ago… 400pts, Golden Heroic $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members Must be based on pre-1970 comics 6pm – 10pm
Thu, Dec 11 In a Galaxy Far, Far Away… 1200pts, 6 Actions, Modern $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members Must be a NAMED theme, and include 1 character from another planet. 6pm – 10pm
Thu, Dec 18 What You See is What You Get 400pts Sealed $30.00/ $25.00 for Stronghold Members 2 Boosters of Sealed Flash 6pm – 10pm

September Heroclix Schedule


This month we continue with the War of Light organized play on September 11th with Month 4.  We’ve also got many other great themed gaming nights this month, so check out the full list below!

Thu, Sep 4 Back from the Dead 400pts, Modern $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members At least one character must have a power that states “When this character would be KO’d…” 6pm – 10pm
Thu, Sep 11 War of Light Month 4 Sealed $30.00/ $25.00 for Stronghold Members War of Light OP 6pm – 10pm
Thu, Sep 18 Lest We Forget 300pts, Silver Age $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members All teams must be a Soldier Theme team 6pm – 10pm
Thu, Sep 25 All for One 500pts, Heroic $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members All teams must be Named Theme Team 6pm – 10pm