Miniature Madness!

Miniature Madness

On Saturday we will be hosting a celebration of Miniature Gaming!  Bring your minis and play as many games as you can in the hopes of winning some sweet door prizes!

When: Saturday, August 1st, ALL DAY

Entry Fee: Nope – Free to All!

Gaming: Participants in Miniature Madness can play as much as they want, against whoever they want, with any miniature game system they want.  Each participant will get a sheet to record their games, opponents, and game systems played.

Discount on Minis: Anyone that participates in Miniature Madness will get a 10% Discount on the purchase of any miniatures or hobby supplies they buy that day!  In-Stock Items Only

Prizes:  We will have a bunch of fun miniatures to give away through draws during Miniature Madness.  You can earn a lot of ballots for prizes during Miniature Madness, getting one:

  • For every game you play you will get a ballot.
  • For every different game system you play you will get a ballot.
  • For every different opponent you play you will get a ballot.

So if you play only one game of Infinity – and that is all – you would get THREE BALLOTS (One for the game, one for the opponent, and one for the game system).  If you played three games of age of Sigmar against three different opponents, and one game of 40K against one of the same opponents you would earn NINE BALLOTS (four for the games played, two for the two game systems, and three for the three unique opponents you played).

So join us on Saturday to celebrate Miniature Gaming at Black Knight Games!!!

Dropzone Commander: Reconquest Phase 1 Tournament Tomorrow!

DZC Reconquest Phase 1

Tomorrow is the first Dropzone Commander event we have held in some time, and it’s name reflects our intention to reboot and grow the Dropzone Commander community.  Reconquest Phase 1 – Eden Prime will be a casual tournament for new and experienced DZC players alike.

When: Saturday, July 25th, 11:00am (Registration 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $5.00 ($4.00 for Stronghold Members)

Forces: Bring  a 1500pt legal Dropzone Commander force from any Hawk Wargames material (experimental rules from their website for new units are allowed).  Please bring your own miniatures, tape measure, dice, templates etc.

This event will be run using the Official Tournament Pack – 2015.

Dropzone Commander Call to Arms

DZC Call to Arms 2014

With the new Resistance faction coming out, and the new plastic starters for the other four factions there has never been a better time to start Dropzone Commander.  To help out all the new players we will be running a Call to Arms event for Dropzone Commander beginning November 1st!

Registration: You can register and begin working on the army right away, officially we begin on Saturday, November 1st.

Goal: The goal of each participant is to complete a fresh fully painted 1000pt Dropzone Commander army by the deadline of 12pm, Sunday, December 14th.

Entry Fee: $100.00

You Get: $100.00 credit to put towards building your army, which can include Dropzone Commander product, as well as other hobby supplies you may need like glue, paints, and rulebooks.

Victory Pool: In addition to the credit towards the army Black Knight Games will add $20.00 towards a Victory Pool for each and every participant!  On the deadline anyone that has completed the goal gets to split the Victory Pool evenly!  Yes, we actually pay you to finish your army!

Weekly Gaming: Throughout the Call to Arms event there will be a weekly gaming night with special scenarios to get everyone playing Dropzone Commander together.  You will get the chance to see others’ armies taking shape while you work on yours, and by the end of Call to Arms there will be a great new DZC gaming community at Black Knight Games!

Build On an Existing Force: You are allowed to use miniatures you already own to flush out your Call to Arms army, as long as they are not yet painted.  To use existing miniatures you must either show them to a staff member or the Standard Bearer (Steve) in person or by emailing a picture so that we can see that they aren’t done yet.

The Resistance has surfaced, it is time to pick a side.  Heed this Call to Arms today!

Dropzone Commander: Incident at Vandia Minor

DZC Incident at Vandia Minor

The Vanadia system lies at the very border of the Scourge held Cradle Worlds and the scattered planets that make up the United Colonies of Mankind. It contains only two planets. Vanadia Major, a giant mass of rock with little atmosphere to speak of that is both rich in mineral wealth and wholly inhospitable to humans for any length of time. And Vanadia Minor, an tiny, arid desert world that barely deserves the label hospitable, but which supported the small mining colony that regularly shipped workers out to Vanadia Major to harvest it resources.

When the Scourge took Earth and the Cradle worlds from humanity, the Vanadia system was too far and too small for the Scourge to worry about, and the fledgling UCM thought Vanadia too close to the Scourge and abandoned it shortly thereafter. 160 years later, as the UCM prepares for the Reconquest, Vanadia Minor has now come under notice. Intent on using it as a jump-off for the retaking of the Cradle Worlds, a UCM force was dispatched to build a supply depot and way-station. What they found when they arrived, however, was a meeting on the surface of Vanadia Minor between the alien Shaltari and the despised altered humans of the Post Human Republic. Whatever the original intent of the clandestine rendezvous had been, relations seemed to have soured, because as soon as the UCM showed up, both the Shaltari and the PHR seemed to suspect treachery on the part of the other, and open conflict broke out amidst all three. As UCM made planetfall to secure the spaceport, the Scourge dropped out of Foldspace and began and immediate attack on all three. It would seem that the Scourge at some point had converted the abandoned colony of Vanadia Minor into an observation post, and upon seeing the arrival of the PHR and the Shaltari earlier, had dispatched a force to intercept.

And so, all 4 military powers have been thrust into a fierce battle for a planet that no one ever cared about.

When: Sunday, October 6th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Details: This event will be a multi-player game using the Land Grab mission from the DropZone Commander rulebook. The game will be sized to meet the number of people who show up to play. If enough people show up, we will have multiple adjacent games.

Do you have miniatures but haven’t played? No problem! This event is intended to allow people to learn the rules if they haven’t had the chance to play and to hopefully introduce as many of the players out there to each other as we can.

No miniatures but still interested? No Problem! I will have my Scourge collection as well as some additional UCM miniatures to share with anyone who wants to try out the game. Or you can proxy if you don’t have the miniatures yet. Flames of War or Dystopian Wars can be readily proxied.

If you have any questions you can send me a forum PM or email me at:

Hope to see you there!

Steve ‘Havoc’ McArthur
Standard Bearer for Dropzone Commander

Call to Arms, One Ends Another Begins

Call to Arms: Dropzone Commander is finished!  Congratulations to the six participants that were victorious.  It was a bumpy ride with publisher shortages on inventory and a couple of postponements, but you persevered and now your armies are ready for battle!  For all of those interested in Dropzone Commander remember that we have a league beginning in five days called Retake the Cradle Worlds run by yours truly (I guess I had better finish my army, being one of the defeated in this C2A…).  It should be a great time, so come one come all!

What better way to end 2012 than with a Call to Arms for our most lasting and successful game: Warhammer 40,000? This Call to Arms army building league will give existing players and new players a great opportunity to get a new army put together. What makes Call to Arms events so great is that it is both a great deal (you get more bang for your buck), but it also adds motivation in that you don’t want to publicly fail to finish AND it’s motivation to see others succeeding. So do you have what it takes to heed our Call to Arms?  Sign up Today!

Demo Day Recap and Upcoming Events

Wow!  Let me just start this off by saying this year’s demo day was a huge success.  Demonstrators for almost twenty different game systems taught an overwhelming number of new players.  We raffled off a $50 Gift Card and a couple of $20 Gift Cards to a few happy gamers.  To top it all off, we all had a lot of fun doing it.  If you missed this year, mark next year on your calendar well in advance as this is an event not to miss.  If you’re still wondering about a game you didn’t get a chance to have demoed, contact one of our Standard Bearers to set up a private tutorial.

For all of you out there who learned about a new game and are excited to play it, here are the next steps:

Players who tried out one of our TCGs, World of Warcraft the card game has a weekly WoW Battleground day, every Tuesday.

Our Pokemon league runs on Monday nights, and today marks the first release event run at Black Knight Games.  This new set is an exciting one, as a lot of the old favorites are making a return.

The Magic: the Gathering league for Return to Ravnica just kicked off again on Mondays as well.  We run multiple tournaments for Magic, with our Friday Night Magic events running every (you guessed it) Friday Night.  If you’re new to the game of Magic and want to start playing and collecting at the same time, our Drafts held on alternating Fridays are the best way to get involved.

Our major miniature games were not forgotten at demo day.  Warmachine and Hordes demos were popular, as always.  If you’re excited about picking up a Warmachine/Hordes Battlegroup we have the perfect opportunity: a journeyman league at BKG!  Starting on December 27th Black Knight will be hosting a journeyman league.  Entry is $25, which you get as credit toward Warmahordes purchases during the league.  Details will follow, so check back here.

For players excitied to start 40K or Warhammer Fantasy, we have a great tournament scene here and events scheduled every month.  Our next 40K tournament is a great one to bring a friend to, the ever popular 40K Doubles! (set for December 15th)  December’s WFB event is 1000 points and will involved a hero who gains power throughout the event.  Come on out on the 29th and Assemble the Chosen.

One of my favorite aspects of Demo day is the opportunity to show off some of our smaller-scale, skirmish games.  Will, one of our seasoned gamers, demoed Malifaux all day, a Victorian game of Gothic magic and terror.

Meanwhile Jim showed off Infinity, a game that just released an exciting campaign book.  I have an Infinity crew and always felt what the game needed was exciting scenario play, and now it has it.

Mykk was showing of Dropzone Commander (now in stock at BKG).  This 15mm skirmish game launched to fantastic praise and success, but low availability.  Now that it’s finally in stock and we’ve finished our first Call to Arms for it, players were excited to play it on Saturday.  With our Retake the Cradle Worlds DZC league starting Nov 20th, there’s never been a better time to pick up this new hotness.

I spent the day showing Blood Bowl to players and had a lot of fun.  Season Two for Blood Bowl is starting in January, so anyone keen to get involved should sign up in the store.  We will be collecting a minor entry this season to cover the cost of a new pitch and some sweet dice for all involved.  Sign up now while there are still spots!

Tim plays games.  Rawr!

The last game I want to talk about has been a real hit here at BKG  — X-Wing!  We have a tournament day coming up that we’ve moved from December 8th to December 22nd to let us offer the new Slave 1 and Millennium Falcon as prizes.  If this game continues to grow in popularity we have a league planned for the new year.

We also had demos for Flames of War, Quarriors, Dominion, IKRPG, Pathfinder, and Dystopian Wars, but the day was so busy I don’t even have a chance to check them out.

Check back here regularly for updates on all of the above.  If you have a question or comment about anything happening at BKG feel free to email us or, better yet, post something up for discussion on our forums.

Dropzone Commander: Retake the Cradle Worlds League

For those that have been living in a cave over the past couple of months, when you emerge you will discover that the countryside has been littered with strange and bizarre alien dropships.  Yes Dropzone Commander has landed!  After an incredibly frustrating product shortage due to delays and incredible demand, the shelves are finally well stocked, and players are able to get the important components to make their armies.  We have a full-blown Call to Arms event for DZC underway, and the game is gaining some serious traction at BKG.  So what to do with a game that is exploding in the shop?  Why, run a league of course!

I will personally be running a fun league for Dropzone Commander immediately following the completion of our Call to Arms event, so there will be plenty of fresh players with painted armies.  Here are the details:

When: Tuesdays, beginning November 20th, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Bring: Your 1000 point Dropzone Commander army.

Entry Fee: None!

League Format: I don’t want to give away too much, but there will be a fun team-component where the four factions (UCM, Shaltari, PHR, & Scourge) will make their overall plan.  The UCM is attempting to re-take the cradle worlds from the Scourge, while the Shaltari and PHR are pursuing their own secretive objectives.  Each faction will have a different objective for victory.  Each week players will play pre-planned scenarios.

So mount-up, take to the skies, and join us in our quest to Retake the Cradle Worlds!

Call to Arms: Dropzone Commander

Dropzone Commander is a brand new game by a new company called Hawk Wargames. Despite the fact that it is new it has already gained tons of hype and anticipation, and it’s not hard to see why! Dropzone Commander is a small scale game in which you rapidly deploy and redeploy your forces with dropships. Innovative design and a high level of detail make the range expecially attractive, and a new spin on gameplay makes the ruleset intriguing. This game is a sure-fire hit, so what better way to jump into it than a Call to Arms event? Call to Arms: Dropzone Commander will help us create an instantaneous gaming community for this game at Black Knight Games, ensuring that you will have others to play with going forward, and giving you an opprtunity to build your army along with others. So what are you waiting for, heed this Call to Arms today!

Entry Fee: $120.00

You Get: $140.00 towards miniatures for the contest (yes just for signing up you get a deal!), and the opportunity for more through the victory pool.

Begins: Monday, September 17th (Registration Opens August 18th)

Registration Ends: Friday, October 19th

Deadline: Sunday, October 28th, 12:00pm

Victory Conditions: Each player must try to complete a legal Dropzone Commander force (1000 points). In addition, the participant must contribute at least two journal entries to the Call to Arms blog by the deadline. Journal entries are simple updates on how your project is going, and can include details, pictures, or even links to a blog that you might have.  Participants can submit their journal entries to

Victory Pool: In addition to the deal that you get right off the top, Black Knight Games will be putting $15.00 into a Victory Pool for each participant. Anyone that completes their force (fully painted & based) by the deadline, and has submitted their minimum two journal entries will be given an even share of the Victory Pool.

Deadline Gaming: On the date of the deadline, September 16th, we will be holding running a small tournament or mega-battles for all of the victorious participants. So you get a chance to play with your new army right away, against other fully painted armies, and against competitors with a similar amount of experience playing with it. This always makes for some very fun matches.

Armies: Forces must be a legal army. Participants may use the miniatures that they have gotten with their entry fee, as well as miniatures that they already own as long as they are not already painted, or they may buy additional miniatures. If participants wish to use miniatures they already own they must prove that the miniatures are not finished beforehand.

To follow the progress of all players check out the Call to Arms: Dropzone Commander page!

Call to Arms: Past, Present and Future!

The Flames of War Call to Arms event is finished, and three participants were victorious!  Check out the Flames of War Call to Arms page for all of the final results!

As we close one chapter we begin a new one.  Call to Arms: Warmachine & Hordes is already underway. With over 50 days left to achieve your deadline there is still plenty of time, so join in the fun!  You can check out all of the details on the Warmachine & Hordes Call to Arms page.

Finally while the Warmachine & Hordes Call to Arms has barely begun we wanted to tease you with what we have planned after that because it’s a little bit different.  Dropzone Commander is a brand new game that isn’t even released yet, that we at Black Knight Games can’t wait for.  It is a smaller scale game that boasts some great looking miniatures with innovative design, and the most affordable rulebook in the industry.  The game will be out this August/September, and we will begin a Call to Arms event for Dropzone Commander as soon as WMH is completed.  What better way to get in to a new game?

Check out the Hawk Wargames website for all the details on Dropzone Commander, I think you’ll be impressed and excited.