MTG Legacy Tournament JUN

Join us at the end of June for our monthly Legacy tournament!

Date: Sunday, June 30th 2019, 3:00pm (Registration begins at 2pm)

Entry Fee:  $10.00 -or- 3 Hero’s Rewards

Format: Legacy, DCI Sanctioned, 4 Rounds, No Cut


  • No Proxies
  • Special Additional Prizes
  • Stronghold Members get a Hero’s Reward

Prizes:  2 Booster Packs are added to the Prize Pool for each participant and is spread evenly to participants based on record (all 4-0 get the same prize, all 3-1 get the same prize). Packs may be swapped for $5.00 in Store Credit.

So join us for a special extended-hours day of Legacy!

Kings of War: Tournament JUN

Black Knight Games is very excited to be hosting another Kings of War tournament! 

When: Saturday, June 13th, 10:30am (Registration begins at 10am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 -or- 6 Hero’s Rewards
All participants Get: a Hero’s Reward & Pizza Lunch

Tournament Guidelines:
The tournament will consist of 3 rounds, with 2.5 hours allotted for each round. Roll for turn 7 as normal. Chess clocks will be used (and supplied by the store). Each player will have 60 minutes on their clock at the start of each game. If you time out there will be no penalty points taken, but you cannot make any orders for the remainder of the game. Lists can be a maximum of 2,000 Points. Clash of Kings 2019 rules will be used. Armies from the main rulebook, Uncharted Empires book, and Twilight Kin lists may be used. New formations/units from Clash of Kings 2019. Historical armies are allowed. Army lists can be sent in early for review to

I recommend using Easy Army KoW Army Builder to build your lists, which is available for free online HERE. If EasyArmy has not been updated with the 2019 rules by the week before, just make a spreadsheet version. You should bring 4 copies of your list (one for yourself, one for each opponent). This is an open list event.

Models/Paint: You are NOT required to have a painted army and no tournament points will be given for having a painted army, but there will still be a players choice best army award.

This will be scored on a Pass/Fail system. Everyone starts with 10 Sportsmanship points. For each “Fail” you receive, 2 points will be deducted from your Sportsmanship score. If you Fail someone, please be prepared to explain your reasoning to the TO in detail. We are all here to have a good time.

At the end of Round 3, players will vote for their favorite opponent and second favorite opponent. Each vote for “Favourite Opponent” will add 2 points to their Sportsmanship score, and each vote for “Second Favourite opponent” will add 1 point to that player’s Sportsmanship score. The player with the highest Sportsmanship score will win the Sportsmanship award. In the event of a tie, the number of Favourite Opponent votes will be the tie-breaker, and the number of Second Favorite Opponent votes will be the second tie-breaker.

All tables will be set up prior to each round and will be the same for each round, for the whole field.

All tables will consist of:
2 hills, 2 forest, 2 blocking terrain, 2 difficult flat, 2 walls.Terrain Height is predetermined:

Forests – Ht 6
Blocking terrain – Ht 4
Hills – Ht 2
Walls – Ht 1 obstacle
Difficult flat – Ht 0

Ht 0 terrain only offers cover for units 50% inside of it. It does not give intervening cover.

We will be using the Blackjack Scoring System for this event. All of the information can be found here:

The sheets are very easy to read and fill out once you see them, you won’t need to read over how it works if you don’t want to. I will review them with the group before starting.

Prizes: We will put $20 (minus the cost of the pizza) towards a prize pool, which will be in the form of Store Credit. The top players will split this prize pool based on how well they do!

Keyforge: Thursdays June

Thursday nights are Keyforge nights!  Every Thursday evening we will be running Keyforge gaming in the shop, so grab a deck (or buy one) and join us!  Our Thursday night events are usually Chainbound events, which means your decks deck tracked, handicapped, and you earn points towards sweet sweet reward!  Here are our details for Thursdays in June:

When: Every Thursday evening, 6:30pm – 10pm

Entry Fee (unless otherwise stated): $8.00 ($7.00 for Stronghold Members) –or– 2 Hero’s Rewards

Prizes: We will put $5.00 per participant worth of BKG Store Credit in to the prize pool.  All players that finish X-1 or better will win a Hero’s Reward and some store credit.  Additionally we will often put something up from a Discovery OP Kit, or some other promotion, for any undefeated player (such as a coin set or playmat) when available.

June 2019 Formats:
We will alternate through several of the Keyforge formats on Thursdays.  For details on Keyforge Formats, click HERE.

June 6th: Archon Format (1 deck regular tournament), 1 game matches, 3-4 Rounds, Chainbound
June 13th: Sealed Deck (Age of Ascension), 1 game matches, 3 Rounds ($20 Entry), Chainbound
June 20th: Archon Format (1 deck regular tournament), 1 game matches, 3-4 Rounds, Chainbound
June 27th: Sealed Deck (Age of Ascension), 1 game matches, 3 Rounds ($20 Entry), Chainbound

Infinity Tournament AUG

300pt ITS Season 10 WITH SPEC-OPS at Black Knight

When: Sunday, August 11th 2019, Registration starts at 10:30am, games start at 11:00am

Entry fee: $20 (includes pizza lunch)

Format: Mid-Tier (300pts) Tournament with Spec-Ops

Prizes: Store credit for top placements; prize pool for participation; also, an army starter box for painting (see below)


-Engineering Deck


-Soldiers of Fortune **ARE** allowed
-Spec Ops **ARE** allowed

Prize Distribution:

-Top-placing players will receive store credit (number and amounts of prizing depend on turnout)

-Paint Your Toys: Spud wants to encourage players to get their stuff painted, so he’s offering a special prize raffle at every event in 2019. Tickets for the raffle can be earned in a few ways:

1) If your armies are fully painted, you get 3 tickets.

2) You receive one additional ticket (up to a max of 3) for each model you’re playing at the event that was painted in the last two months (purely on the honour system 😛 ).

3) Finally, each player will receive one special ticket on which they can write the name of the person whose models they like best (by whatever subjective artistic criteria each person chooses to apply!).

At the end of the day, one name will be drawn, and that player will be able to pick from one of three army starter boxes!

Be sure to register on the ITS site at this link

All players are responsible for bringing their own models, dice, tokens, measuring devices, classified decks, and printed army lists.

I look forward to seeing everyone out on August 11th! 🙂

MTG – Standard Showdown: War of the Spark

Black Knight Games will be running Standard Showdown each Saturday during the War of the Spark season!  Showdown is great because in addition to our regular Standard prize pool, we will be adding 9 Standard Showdown packs too!  This is the last Showdown season under the old format, so it will likely be your best bet for these packs for quite a while.

When: Saturday Evenings, beginning at 6:00pm (Registration begins at 5:30pm)

The War of the Spark Showdown season runs from SAT, May 18 – SAT, Jun 15

Entry Fee: $8.00 // $7.00 if you are a Stronghold Member // 2 Hero’s Rewards

Format: Standard, 3-4 Rounds based on attendance (usually 4), No Cut

Prizes: 1.5 War of the Spark Booster Packs/Player will be added to a Prize Pool to be split among the top players. Additionally at each event we will give out 9 Standard Showdown packs (Players that go at least x-1 player will each get at least one, and the rest will be passed out randomly among those that attend.  These events do not count towards the FNM Standard standings.

Standard Showdown Packs: The nine packs given out each event are a special 4-Card booster pack that should include:

  • 2 rare or mythic rare cards from a currently legal Standard set
  • 1 foil basic land
  • 1 foil card of any rarity from a currently legal Standard set

MTG Modern Horizons Prerelease Weekend

Modern Hoizons is a new sort of set that will infuse the very popular Modern format with some new cards, and old favorites from Legacy.  Nobody quite know what to expect, which makes it a very intriguing release to be sure.  Join us for an entire weekend of Prerelease fun exploring this new set!  Here are the details:

When: There will be six Modern Horison Prerelease events over the weekend, in two formats (Draft & Sealed Deck)

Friday, June 7 – MIDNIGHT (Draft)

Saturday, June 8 – 9:00am (Sealed Deck), 2:30pm (Sealed Deck), 8:00pm (Draft)

Sunday, June 9 – 10:00am (Draft), 2:30pm (Draft)

Format: We will be hosting a mixture of 3 Round Booster Drafts & 4 Round Sealed Decks.

Entry Fee:

Sealed Deck: $85.00 // $80.00 for Stronghold Members // 16 Hero’s Rewards
Booster Draft:  $50.00 // $45.00 for Stronghold Members // 9 Hero’s Rewards

You Get: A number of Modern Horizons booster packs to make your deck (3 in a Booster Draft, 6 in a Sealed Deck).  All participants get a FREE Hero’s Reward card for each event they participate in.  Additionally there will be door prizes, delicious snacks from our friends at Hearty Hooligan, and more!

Prizes: We will add Modern Horisons packs into the prize pool based on participation (about 2.5 in Sealed and 2 in Draft per participant).  Each match (aka best of 3 round) a player wins will earn them a prize pack.  Additionally players who perform well will earn additional packs.  Players with a perfect record will earn an additional 4 Booster Packs.  Players who finish 3-1 in a Sealed Deck event will earn +1 Booster Pack as well.

Preorder Special:  Just like with the past number of sets when you preorder you’ll be able to pick up your booster box at the prerelease weekend, as well as a special Flusterstorm Buy-a-Box card!  Check out our Preorder Special for all the details!

MTG – Hamilton Open Trial

Black Knight Games is very excited to be hosting a Face to Face Games Open Trial leading in to their big event in Hamilton this June.  Check out the details:

When: Sunday, June 16, 11:00am (Registration begins at 10am)

Entry Fee: $20.00

Format: Modern.  Competitive REL, we will have a judge on hand. 3-5 Swiss Rounds, Cut to Top 4/8 (depending on attendance).  There is a player cap, so please preregister to reserve your spot!

Prizes: Top player will win Free Entry ($40 value) and a 1st Round Bye at the Hamilton Open!  There will also be a prize pool of $20 per participant (minus a few door prizes) that will be distributed to our Top 8 based on how they did.

Black Knight Games is very pleased to be partnering with Face to Face Games on this awesome event!  Join us on Jun 16, and then be sure to check out the main event the following weekend!

Monsterpocalypse Tournament

Black Knight Games is very excited to be hosting our first ever Monsterpocalypse tournament!  Monsterpocalypse is the game of rival monsters smashing their way across a city to prove their dominance.

When: Saturday, June 15th, 12:00pm (Registration begins at 11:00am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 // 3 Hero’s Rewards

Format: This event follows the basic tournament structure.  2 Monsters, 20 Units.  45min Deathclock, 3-4 Rounds depending on attendance.

Stronghold Members: Stronghold Members will get a Hero’s Reward (Membership has its perks!)

Prizes: We will add store credit to a prize pool ($10.00 per participant minus the cost of the prize kit).

So grab your favorite Kaiju terror and get smashin’!

Keyforge Pre-Release Tournament: Sealed Deck

We are very excited because we’ve been given a very special opportunity to run our monthly tournament as a Prerelease for the upcoming Age of Ascension set!

When: Saturday, May 25th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: $20.00 -or- 6 Hero’s Rewards, Entry includes 1 Keyforge Deck

Format:  Pre-Release Sealed Deck (Age of Ascension), Best of 3 Rounds, 3-4 Rounds Archon Solo Play (depending on the number of players)

Prizes: $5.00 per participant will be added to a ‘prize pool’ of BKG Store Credit (after deducting $25 for the kit) which will be distributed to the top players.  We will also have some special ‘Keys’ provided by Asmodee to add to the pool.  Additionally the top 3 players will all win a Black Knight Games custom GAMA Keyforge Deck!!

Player Cap: We have only been allocated 24 decks for the new set, so we will have a player cap of 24.  Be sure to preregister to reserve your spot!

So join us as we enter phase two of Keyforge, the Age of Ascension!

X-Wing Tournament JUN

Black Knight Games is excited to be hosting another X-Wing 2nd Edition tournament!

When: Sunday, June 2nd, 11:00am (Registration begins at 10:00am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 // 3 Hero’s Rewards

Format: This event follows the Basic Tournament Structure, 200pts Extended, 75mins/round, ‘Relaxed Tier’, 3-4 Swiss Rounds (based on attendance).

Stronghold Members: Stronghold Members will get a Hero’s Reward (Membership has its perks!)

Prizes: We will add store credit to a prize pool ($10.00 per participant minus the cost of the prize kit).

May the force be with you!