D&D One-Shot: Horror Theme

One-Shots are single-session roleplaying game sessions where we will spotlight a variety of game systems, everything from D&D to more indie titles.

In November Cody will be running a Dungeons & Dragons session with a Horror theme!

When: Saturday, February 8th, 8:00pm – 11:30pm

Entry Fee: $15.00 // 4 Hero’s Rewards

Format: We will provide everything needed for this gaming experience, so you only need to bring yourselves! There are a very limited number of spots available for this adventure, so sign up now!

Stronghold Members: Stronghold Members will get a Hero’s Reward (Membership has its perks!)

MTG Theros Beyond Death Open House

Black Knight Games is pleased to be hosting another Open House, this time for the winter set – Theros Beyond Death!

When: Sun, February 2, 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Participants Get: At Open House, new players get a Welcome Deck, and a tutorial showcase of the game in an open-play environment, they also get a promo (chosen from previous promos) if you play at least two games!

Bring a Friend: If you are an established Magic player, you are invited to participate to teach new players, and to bring your friends in who would like to try MTG!  Established players will also be given a promo card if they bring a new player with them, or are found to be helpful teachers to new players.

The Open House event  is a great event to get yourself comfortable with Magic: the Gathering.  Help us celebrate Theros Beyond Death this release weekend by joining in the fun!

Infinity Tournament FEB

300pt Special Format ITS Event: RANDOMIZER!

Format: Mid-Tier (300pts) Tournament (see Extras below)

When: Sunday, February 16th 2020, Registration starts at 10:30, games start at 11:00

Entry fee: $20 (includes pizza lunch)

Prizes: Store credit, NeoCanada patches


-Capture and Protect

Every event in the Year of the Indignant Honkbird will have a special list-building format. The format for February will be…


– All lists will be built with the Random List Generator:  http://www.infinityutilities.de/randomlistgenerator

– To ensure that no-one randomizes repeatedly until a perfect list comes up, Spud will generate the lists for all participants. Either poke Spud Spudlington on Facebook or e-mail him at captainspud@gmail.com, specifying the faction or sectorial you’d like to use, and he’ll reply back with four army lists for you to choose from. Pick the two that seem most playable or that best align to your collection, and use those at the event.

– You may rearrange the combat groups of the lists you receive, as long as all of the same units and profiles are retained.

-Soldiers of Fortune **ARE** allowed
-Spec Ops **ARE NOT** allowed

-Store credit prizes for top-placing players. The amount of the prizes will vary depending on the number of attendees.
-All attendees will receive a custom-made NEOCANADA 2020: YEAR OF THE INDIGNANT HONKBIRD patch (if they don’t have one yet).

Be sure to register on the ITS site at this link: https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/0428506eb-300pt-special-format-its-event-randomizer

All players are responsible for bringing their own models, dice, tokens, measuring devices, classified decks, and printed army lists.

I look forward to seeing everyone out on February 16th! 🙂

Pokémon Let’s Play! FEB

Pokémon has always been one of the most popular games in our store because it does such a great job of appealing both to experienced players and brand new ones! To give players of all sorts, and all ages, a crack at playing some Pokémon every month, we are putting on a special Let’s Play! event to get everyone out to play some games!

When: SUN, February 9th, 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Format: Let’s Play is a unique format because it’s a bit of everything. There will be pick-up games, as well as introductory games for anyone that is new to the game – we will have an official Pokémon Professor on hand! We may decide to run a quick tournament if there is interest. This event is for all ages.

Entry Fee: FREE! If we decide to run a spur of the moment tourney there would be a possible entry fee for that, but it would be low and participation in it isn’t required.

Prizes: Even though it’s a free event we will always have some cool give-aways for participants. Be sure to register as a participant if you’d like a crack at some fun Pokémon door prizes!

Warmachine Doubles Tournament

Black Knight Games is excited to be hosting our first doubles tournament in two years! So grab a partner (especially one that is newish to Warmachine) and join in!

When: Saturday, February 8th, 10:30am (Registration begins at 9:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 // 6 Hero’s Rewards (Stronghold Members get a Hero’s Reward for playing)

Format:  Players come to the event with a partner and each player builds a single 35pt Steamroller Tournament list. 3 Rounds, Deathclock, each player’s force must be legal on its own, Players share a turn activating as they see fit. Models are only considered friendly Faction to each other if they actually belong to the same faction.

Lists are character restricted — a team may not have more than one copy of any specific character in their two lists regardless of version (eg, if I take Eiryss1 my partner may not also take her, nor can he take Eiryss2 or 3)

Lunch Provided: We will provide a pizza lunch (3 slices at least), including either 2 pops/water -or- 1 juice/energy drink

Prizes: We will put $20 per person, minus the overall cost of lunch, in to a prize pool.  There will be a prize for the ‘Best Painted’ army (as voted on by the participants), and the ‘Best Sportsmanship’ (as voted on by your opponents).  The remaining prize pool will be divided up among the top 3 players!

So bring your forces, preferably painted, to BKG and battle it out in our Doubles Tournament!

Kings of War Tournament FEB

Black Knight Games is very excited to be hosting another Kings of War tournament!

When: Saturday, February 1, 10:30am (Registration begins at 10am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 -or- 6 Hero’s Rewards
All participants Get: a Hero’s Reward & Pizza Lunch

Tournament Guidelines:
The tournament will consist of 3 rounds, with 2.25 hours allotted for each round. Roll for turn 7 as normal. Chess clocks will be used (and supplied by the store). Each player will have 65 minutes on their clock at the start of each game. If you time out there will be no penalty points taken, but you cannot make any orders for the remainder of the game. Lists can be a maximum of 2300 Points. Armies from the main third edition rulebook and Uncharted Empires book may be used. Historical armies ARE NOT allowed. Army lists can be sent in early for review to alexander.kus@gmail.com.

Unfortunately, Easy Army has not been updated, please use Good Army, https://www.goodarmylists.com/kow, to put together your army list. You should bring 4 copies of your list (one for yourself, one for each opponent). This is an open list event.

Models/Paint: You are NOT required to have a painted army, but tournament points will awarded for paint and they will count towards your overall score and will be scored as follows.

10 – Three colour minimum on all models/units, no primer nor metal/plastic/resin showing, bases are painted and/or flocked, minimum model count or equivalent volume for all units
5 – 50% or more of the army is painted and based to the above standard
0 – Less than 50% of the army is painted and based to the above standard

Sportsmanship: This will be scored on a Pass/Fail system. Everyone starts with 10 Sportsmanship points. For each “Fail” you receive, 2 points will be deducted from your Sportsmanship score. If you Fail someone, please be prepared to explain your reasoning to the TO in detail. We are all here to have a good time.

Terrain: All tables will be set up prior to each round and will be the same for each round, for the whole field.

All tables will consist of:
2 hills, 2 forest, 2 blocking terrain, 1 difficult, 1 difficult flat, 2 walls. Terrain Height is predetermined:

Forests – Ht 9
Blocking terrain – Ht 6
Hills – Ht 3
Walls – Ht 2 obstacle
Difficult – Ht 1
Difficult flat – Ht 0

Scoring: We will be using the Blackjack Scoring System, scoring sheets will be provided on the day of the tournament.

The sheets are very easy to read and fill out once you see them, you won’t need to read over how it works if you don’t want to. I will review them with the group before starting.

Prizes: We will put $20 (minus the cost of the pizza) towards a prize pool, which will be in the form of Store Credit. The top players will split this prize pool based on how well they do!

Youth D&D: A Cleric for your Thoughts

It’s time for out monthly D&D event for our Knights of Blackwood Youth program run by DM Cody!

When: Sunday, January 26th

Session 1:  10:00am – 1:00pm
Session 2:  2:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: $15.00 per participant

Player Slots: We only have 8 slots maximum for players for each session, so sign up now and reserve your spot!  We require at least three players in a session to proceed with it.  If we are full we can add you to the reserve list.

Experience Required: This is not an absolute beginner session, like Welcome to Blackwood.  To participate you should have either attended our Welcome to Blackwood event, or have had a good amount of experience with D&D 5e.  If you are brand new our Welcome to Blackwood sessions will repeat every few months to give you the intro you need for these more advanced sessions!

Age Restriction: This is a Knights of Blackwood event, so age is restricted to 6 – 16 years old.  However, parents or guardians are welcome to register as well if they wish to join in the fun!

You Get:

Every participant gets a Hero’s Reward card for participating, which can be used on a variety of rewards including a free Pet, or a snack or drink!

Option (+$12.00): If they didn’t take advantage of the bundle during our Welcome to Blackwood event participants can get a set of RPG Dice and a miniature representing your character – both chosen from our huge variety of stock!

The Game: Cleric for your Thoughts is a new adventure in our D&D session story-line. A wayward priest of Lythandar needs help finding their path.

All pages, maps, enemy characters, and other necessary items will be provided by the store – the only thing players must have is a miniature for their character, and a set of RPG dice (see the ‘Option’ above if you don’t already have these.

Participants can either continue to use their character from previous KoB adventures, or can create a new level 1 D&D character in advance – just clear the character with Cody beforehand.

MTG Draft Weekend: Theros Beyond Death

To celebrate the Theros Beyond Death release weekend Black Knight Games will be running another special MEGA-SIZED Draft Weekend Event!

When: Saturday, January 25th, 12:00pm

Firing More Drafts: If there is demand we will fire additional drafts with the same format on-demand.

Entry Fee: $25.00 -or- 6 Hero’s Rewards.  Stronghold Members receive a Hero’s Reward for participating.

Prizes: Drafts will add 1.5 packs per player to a prize pool.  Prizes are distributed based on record, so all 3-0s receive the same prize as each other, all 2-1s receive the same prize, etc. Any player with a perfect record will get a FOIL Theros Promo Pack too!

Format: Our Draft Weekend events will be just like normal drafts here, except participants will get 4 BOOSTER PACKS instead of 3 to draft with!

RPG One-Shot: Legend of the Five Rings

One-Shots are single-session roleplaying game sessions where we will spotlight a variety of game systems, everything from D&D to more indie titles.

In January Cody will be running Legend of the Five Rings RPG, a game set in the L5R world of elemental magic, samurai, ninja, and honour!

When: Saturday, January 25th, 6:00pm – 9:30pm

Entry Fee: $15.00 // 4 Hero’s Rewards

Format: We will provide everything needed for this gaming experience, so you only need to bring yourselves! There are a very limited number of spots available for this adventure, so sign up now!

Stronghold Members: Stronghold Members will get a Hero’s Reward (Membership has its perks!)

Blood Bowl BKBBL Season 17

Secretary Kip: “Mr. Vice President, Commissioner Awesome just sent this telegram…it says he isn’t coming back from his Lustrian vacation, and that we should just move the league there this year…”
VP B. Knight: “What!?!? That’s ridiculous! He expects us to just up and move the entire league because he wants a longer vacation!?!?”
SK: “It seems so sir…”
VP BK: “Well that’s insane. Teams have stadiums, sponsorships, fanbases, we can’t just move because the Commissoner is working on his tan!”
SK: “Would you like me to tell him you said that?”
VP BK: “Er…no…I suppose not. Alright Kip, pack up the trophies, looks like we’re moving to Lustria… And Kip…let’s keep my little outburst between you and I – okay?”

Blood Bowl Season 17 will kick off on Friday, January 31st.  If you’re an avid sports fan or miniature gamer, who like a real challenge and enjoys developing characters in any game, then Blood bowl is the game for you.

Season 17 Begins: Friday, January 31st

Registration Deadline: Friday, January 24th

Entry Fee: $10.00

Organizaion: Each participant will be assigned opponents, one a week.  It is up to the coaches to arrange when to play their games with one another, and players are given a two-week window for each match to be completed.  The top teams will make the playoffs, and will get their chance to with the Championship!

The season will be a minimum of 9 weeks long, and a maximum of 14 weeks.  Don’t miss your chance to be a champion or at least the chance to stomp your friends into the turf!

Game Rules: The league will use any official rules, including those in the Almenacs, Spike Magazines, or White Dwarf that are published before the league begins.  Any rules printed after the league begins will not be used this season.

Players need the following to play:

  • A Pitch
  • A Team, with the players properly numbered
  • At least one pack of Special Play cards
  • Blood Bowl Dice
  • Tokens to track re-rolls, turns, and score, as well a method to properly handle passes, and bouncing balls.  And, a ball.
  • The Lustrian Spike Magazine

Players are encouraged to have the following:

  • The Blood Bowl Almanacs, Spike Magazines, & White Dwarfs that they intend to use with their team.
  • A Fully Painted Team
  • Miniatures for their coaching staff

Prizes: We will distribute cool prizes to players that do well in the playoffs, or have Star Players that perform especially well in the season.  The big prize though, is having your Championship Banner raised to the rafters along side past champs!

For established players please make sure your team is properly created and prepared on BKBBL.COM
New players should contact Commissioner Awesome to set up their first team.

All players should join our BKBBL Facebook Group if possible!