BKG 12 Year Anniversary Party & Auction

Twelve years ago BKG opened in the smaller unit at the end of the plaza. We had fewer tables and less product to sell, but the goal was the same as it is today: to create a hub of gaming in Hamilton for those who love games. It wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing gamers in this community – so every year we host an anniversary party with those that matter most to us – you!

The Party

For 12 years our success has been that we endeavor to keep what’s great and we tinker with the rest – so the auction, ballots for great draws, cake – it’s all happening as always. We’ll be trying a few new things too – some more treats and other promotions.

When: Saturday, June 29th, 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Anniversary Draws: You will get a ballot just for walking through the door on June 29th (before 6pm), as well as another for each $20.00 you spend that day (including at the auction).  You can put your ballots in to your choice of five big prize bundles – which means you get to pick the prize you’ll attempt to win!  The draws will happen at 6pm, but if you can’t stay until then be sure to put your phone number on your ballots!

Anniversary Sale(?): When you announce a sale a couple of weeks in advance, you inevitably hurt your sales because people hold off waiting for the auction.  So we aren’t announcing a sale.  That would be silly.  And if we were to have a sale it would be important to know that it would only apply to in-stock, non-auciton items, and that it couldn’t be combined with other promotions.  But we aren’t announcing a sale, so you probably didn’t need to know that…

Duke it out for some sweet deals at this year’s auction!

Cake: There is, and always will be cake at birthday parties.  We like cake.

Parking: Just like every year we have decided to have inadequate parking at our Anniversary Party.  It’s an odd choice, but one we are committed to.  Please carpool, take transit, walk, or park nearby if you can.  And, please respect the designated parking spaces of our neighbors – they have businesses to run too!

The Auction

Our auction is an amazing opportunity for our community members to unload some unneeded items, and also the chance to grab some items at a great deal!

Silent Auction: Begins 12:00pm – As we’ve done in the past we will start things off with a Silent auction.  All lots can be bid on, and if there is competition for an item we will move on to the live auction.

Live Auction Begins 1:30pm – Any items that had at least a couple bids will be resolved at the live auction.

Submit Your Own Lots – You are welcome to bring in items to sell at the auction beginning on Monday, June 17th.  So turn your unused miniatures, RPG books, and games in to BKG Store Credit!

Full Details – All of our Auction details, including everything you need to know about can be found on our Auction Guidelines document.  Please review it before bringing in your items to sell!

So help us celebrate twelve years of Black Knight Games, after all – you helped us get here!

Free RPG Day 2019

Established in 2007, Free RPG Day works with participating hobby game retailers and RPG publishers to bring new and exclusive RPG quickstart rules and adventure modules into the hands of gamers.

Consumers WORLDWIDE will be able to grab brand new material for a variety of RPGs — no overstock, retail-priced or dead product here. The goal of Free RPG Day is to inspire gamers to play a new RPG, which will in turn, create sales through local game stores.

Black Knight Games is happy to be able to offer Free RPG Day again for 2019!  All you need to do is walk in the door on Saturday, June 15th, and we will give you a choice of FREE RPG goodies!

New Board Game Collector Card

We are very excited to be giving our board game customers another reason to support their Friendly Local Game Store: Introducing the Board Game Collector card!

How does it work?

It’s super simple: Buy Games – Get Games! Whenever you buy a board game from us worth at least $20 (well…$19.99) you’ll earn a stamp. You get a second stamp if the game is $50-$100, and a third if it’s more than $100 (all prices are pre-tax). Once you hit eleven stamps you’re golden – and get to redeem the card for up to $50.00 off a board game purchase!

The card is free, so be sure to ask for one next time you buy a game – and thank you for supporting your FLGS 😉

MTG Ravnica Allegiance Preorder Special

The next set of MTG, Ravnica Allegiance, is coming, and it completes our ten guilds from Guilds of Ravnica.  There are a three great reasons that you might want to preorder a booster box, here are the details of our Special:

The Haunt of Hightower PromoRavnica Allegiance Release:  Wizards has announced that Ravnica Allegiance booster boxes will have a special preorder perk – you will be able to get your boxes of Ravnica Allegiance boosters a week early during Prerelease Weekend – first come first serve.

Ravnica Allegiance Release Date: Friday, January 25
Ravnica Allegiance Box Early-Bird Pick Up: January 19-20

Ravnica Allegiance Exclusive Buy-a-Box Card:  On top of that you will get the Standard-Legal buy-a-box promo card which will be exclusively available as a buy-a-box card – there will be no other way to get it.  The card is ‘The Haunt of Hightower‘, and it will be limited to the first 60 people who order or buy a box of Ravnica Allegiance from Black Knight Games.

Booster Box Preorder Price: $149.99 (Reg $159.99)

Pay with Hero’s Rewards: Have you been saving up those Hero’s Rewards from the events you’ve been attending?  Well you can always trade us 40 Hero’s Rewards and get a booster box for free!  So you can take advantage of this special using only Hero’s Rewards!

So get those orders for your Ravnica Allegiance booster boxes in soon to guarantee yourself one of the early boxes, with buy-a-box promo for a better price!

Boxing Day Double Bundle Deals

Hopefully everyone had a fantastic Christmas, and that you are all enjoying your holidays!

For the rest of December our fantastic Bundle Deals will continue to provide you with a great opportunity to get the most out of your holiday spending.  But for BOXING DAY ONLY we will be taking one insane step further and straight up DOUBLING everything about the Holiday Bundles!

It’s the perfect excuse to break out those Black Knight Gift Cards, and the $20 that Nana gave you for Christmas because when you spend $100 or more (before tax) you will get so much stuff!:

Doors open today at 10am, and we close at 10pm – so drop by today for our best deals this December!

Game Spotlight: The 12 Games of Christmas

Every year we at Black Knight Games take some time to consider our 12 Games of Christmas.  These are games that we believe make amazing and affordable gifts, and are just great games that you can get pretty much anyone to try.  They are typically easy to learn, fun for serious gamers and casual gamers alike, and probably fit in a stocking.  After much deliberation and consideration we have selected the following twelve games as our 12 Games of Christmas:

$22.99 – $39.99


A great party game where the player that can come up with a good answer the fastest wins the duel, but careful, each duel might trigger another!
This game is available in 4 versions: Anomia, Anomia Party (more players), Anomia X (naughty version), and Anomia Kids.

Anomia can be frustrating, and delightful, and makes for a great option with higher numbers of players.



In cockroach poker players offer each other cards.  When offering a card you tell you opponent what the card is, the trick is you can lie!  Uncover the bluffs of your opponents and make them pay.

Cockroach Poker is simple, but it has a great strategy.  It’s a game that kids love, but adults can enjoy too.



New this month, Dungeon Mayhem gives each players a ‘class’ deck, making them a cleric, barbarian, wizard, or thief.  Players take it in turns to play cards from their deck to take out their opponents, heal themselves, or do some other awesome move.  Be the last hero left standing and claim the treasure for yourself!

This game was a real treat to try for the first time.  It is clean, fun, and each game feels different.  Highly recommended for a quick dungeon experience.



Exit is a series of ‘Escape Room’ style games.  In each game you are given a complex puzzle which you must work together to complete.  Each variant of Exit has it’s own theme, puzzles, twists, and turns!  This game has about a dozen versions.

Exit is one of our favorite puzzle games.  Some are better than others, but all offer a unique experience, and are a fun way to spend an evening.



Exploding Kittens is a silly card game where at the end of your turn you draw a card, and if it’s an exploding kitten you are out!  Luckily you have a hand full of cards to manipulate the deck in different ways to make sure you aren’t the one that draws it!  This game has three variants including a Party Edition, and an NSFW version.

Exploding Kittens has been one of our best selling games, and it’s easy to see why.  It’s fun, silly, has some strategy, and the art is hilarious!



In Get Packing you have to try and fit all the pieces for a vacation in to your suitcase before your opponents.  It is a simple puzzle concept that is executed brilliantly!

Get Packing is both a fun yet frustrating game, but also it can make a great solo puzzle.  Also, Jay thinks he’s the best at it, challenge him next time you’re in and take him down a peg!



Gorus Maximus may look like a bloody mess, and it is, but it is also a clever and charming trick-taking game!  The game includes some innovations that allow for a gameplay experience that is unique, and allows for more players than most games of its kind.

Gorus Maximus is made by a Canadian company, and it features a very unique blend of old-school gameplay, and new-school style.  And the art is bloody brilliant!



Kingdomino won game of the year in 2017.  It is a fast, affordable, and easy-to-learn euro game.  It blends the tile-laying of Carcassonne with the drafting of 7 Wonders and it is extremely re-playable, and easy to get on the table.

Kingdomino might be the best game value to price we have in the store.  It’s an instant classic and should be in everyone’s collection.



Mini Diver City is a coop card game.  In it players collectively try to save the island animal species from rampant development, tourism, and industry.  This game merges concepts from Pandemic with the hidden-hand element from Hanabi.

Mini Diver City is a great new cooperative game.  If you’re someone that loves games like Pandemic – this game provides that type of gameplay in a quick and easy package.  It is a very new game we are very excited about.



Spot It! is a perennial best seller for a reason.  It is a fast see-it-first game where the first person to see the matching pair wins.  It is fun, fast, and great for kids and adults alike.  This year it was re-packaged in to an even more affordable game!

As a kid I loved competitive brain-teaser games.  Spot It! is one of the best selling games worldwide for a reason, everyone loves it!



In Timelines players draw a card to add to the board, on which is an invention, event, or moment in history.  They have to look at the cards that are already in the timeline, and fit the card in to the sequence.  There are four new-printing variants of Timelines, and you can merge them all together if you like!

Timelines blends fun casual fun with learning making it a favorite of educators and parents.  It’s one of those games where you don’t realize you’re learning because it’s so fun!



Unstable Unicorns is a card-collecting game where the goal is to have the most unicorns in your stable.  The problem, of course, is that everyone keeps messing with each others collection!  The cards are charming, the art is adorable, and the quality is high.

This game might be this year’s breakout hit.  If you liked Exploding Kittens, but want something a bit different, give this beauty a try!

Don’t forget, if you get ANY of our 12 Games of Christmas by the end of December, you will be entered in to our Holiday Draws, where four lucky gamers will win $50.00 BKG Gift Cards!

Happy Gaming!

Black Friday Weekend – All the Sales!

It’s Black Friday Weekend!  That hallowed ancient tradition of getting a great start on your holiday shopping…or just getting sweet dealz for yourself.

This year BKG has stepped it up more than ever, with incredible door crashers, range sales, buy-on-get-one opportunities, bonus Stronghold Points, and more – all combining with the beginning of our annual Holiday Bundle promotion!

What Is On Sale?

In a sense EVERYTHING, because we’ve got bonus points that stack on every purchase.  Every dollar spent this weekend will earn you 20% More Stronghold Points than usual – members included!  Additionally we are kicking off our Holiday Bundle Deals, which means that any time you spend over $100, you will earn an amount of FREE STORE CREDIT, as well as ballots for our Holiday Draws.  So, no matter what you are buying today, you’ll save!

Nice!  But, like, what’s REALLY on sale!?

Oh, “Everything” wasn’t enough for you!?  Alright we can do better than that.  When you buy ANY in-stock board game in the store, you can get a second of equal or lesser value for 20% OFF!  Yep, that will stack with the bonus points, holiday bundles, the whole shebang!  Boom, savings!

Sweet!  But, um, is there more?!

Still not impressed!?  How about entire ranges going on sale, that do anything for ya?  Combining with all the shenanigans above we have every item in the the following ranges on sale:

  • All Novels
  • All Living Card Games (Netrunner, Game of Thrones, etc)
  • All Warmachine & Hordes
  • All Star Wars Destiny
  • All Flames of War & Team Yankee
  • All Malifaux
  • All Dropzone Commander & Dropfleet Commander
  • All Rumbleslam
  • All Necromunda
  • All Adeptus Titanicus
  • All Guild Ball
  • All Star Wars Legion

There, huge swaths of the store with deals on top of deals!  That’s gotta do it for you right?!

But, my best friend is a Magic player, and all he wants are expensive cards, what about him!?!

All Magic: the Gathering singles are 10% OFF this weekend!  Bam!  Please note, that because of the busy weekend we are only taking trade-ins from our Hotlist this weekend – sorry for the inconvenience…

Amazing!  I am on my way in right….wait…is there more!?

More!?!  Are you kidding me?!  You want more!!!???….Yeah…we have more…

We’ve got DOORCRASHER deals that will blow you away!  These are all specific individual items, mostly from very popular games in our store, that we have loads of stock on.  These are some of the best deals in the store.  Doorcrashers still count towards all the other promotions, including bonus points, holiday deals, etc!  Basically everything stacks!

  • MTG Jaces Spellbook
  • MTG Commander Anthology
  • 40K Quest: Blackstone Fortress (New Today!)
  • 40K Kill Team: Rogue Trader
  • 40K Necromunda Core Set
  • Horus Heresy: Adeptus Titanicus Rules kit
  • Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Starter Set
  • Age of Sigmar: Thunder & Blood Starter Set
  • Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Starter Set
  • Star Wars Destiny Booster Boxes (select sets)
  • Star Wars Legion Starter Sets
  • Dicemasters: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Set
  • Netrunner: 2nd Edition Starter Set
  • Dark Souls Card Game
  • Rising Sun Board Game
  • Legend of the Five Rings RPG Beginner Set
  • Star Wars X-Wing Saw’s Renegades, Rsistance Bomber, & TIE Reaper

Whew….that was a lot of stuff…so, are you coming in!?!

YEP!  How can you guys afford to stack all these deals!?

We are bad at math, and we like seeing people happy!  All of these deals last all weekend (Friday, NOV 23 – Sunday, NOV 25).  The Holiday Bundles will continue until the end of 2018.  See you soon!

Demo Day 2018 – Try All the Games!

Try more Games!  Demo Day is the best time to give new games a go, as it is sort of like our own mini-convention floor!  We will have a ton of staff & volunteers around to show you how to play all kinds of different games.  Basically it’s the best time of the year to try new games, because you can try a bunch at once, then you can use the coupons and goodies in the Goody Box to help you get into the games you like the best!

When: Saturday, November 24th, 12:00pm – 5pm.

Entry Fee: $10.00

You Get: The BKG Goody Box (filled with awesome samples and goodies), a free ballot for the Demo Day Draws,  and access to all of the demonstration games.

Demo Day Draws: We will be drawing for a free $50.00 Black Knight Games gift card, as well as some other fun prizes.

Game Demonstrations:
We will have many stations where a BKG staff member, Standard Bearer, or volunteer will be running a games demonstration.  Simply go up to them and ask to play and they will teach you the basics for the game!  In addition to that they will give you another ballot for the Demo Day Draws!

You Can Help!:
If you would like to volunteer to teach a game that you love to those attending Demo Day contact Jay and let him know!

AoS Champions Open House Events

Since Age of Sigmar: Champions took the world by storm we have been eagerly awaiting the world-wide restock, and it’s finally here!  Now that the supply is once again available we can turn to running our first events for AoS Champions.

Building the Community: Since the game is so new we will be starting off with a couple ‘Open House’ events, to allow people to demo the game, get some games in with their own decks, and to establish the first seed of the community we’re hoping to build.  If you’re excited about AoS Champions hopefully you can make it out, and either way be sure to chat up Brad, our resident expert and official AoSC Heraldor!  Also, if you are a Facebook user, be sure to join our AoS Champions FB Group.

Age of Sigmar Champions Open House Event

Our first event is an Open House for AoSC, where you can learn to play, get some matches in, and win some stuff!

When: Saturday, October 20, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Format: As the name implies this is a very open event.  Brad will be on hand to teach the game to new players.  Additionally anyone that has/gets their own deck plays at least two games of AoSC (one of which can be your demo game), will get a FREE Booster Pack!

Prizes:  In addition to the free pack each player can earn, Brad will give away a beautiful AoSC playmat to one lucky player!

So join us in getting AoS Champions going at BKG!  Give the game a go, play some games, win a pack, and help Brad plan our next events!

Knights of Blackwood: Age of Sigmar Champions Open House

We will also be hosting an Open House event specifically for our Knights of Blackwood youth gamers!

When: Sunday, November 4th, 12:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Format: As the name implies this is a very open event.  Brad will be on hand to teach the game to new players.  Additionally anyone that has/gets their own deck plays at least two games of AoSC (one of which can be your demo game), will get a FREE Booster Pack!

Prizes:  In addition to the free pack each player can earn, Brad will give away a beautiful AoSC playmat to one lucky player!

40K Kill Team Preorder Special

Kill Team is Coming!  Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team is the result of many previous iterations of a Warhammer 40k skirmish system.  It’s a little bit Shadow War, a little bit Necromunda, and a little bit 40k.  It’s basically the combination of everything we want when it comes to a skirmish game.  It’s got sweet terrain, narrative and competitive play, great in-depth rules for advancing your team, loads of options, and best of all – GW is committing to it long term.  That means OP kits, a solid release schedule, and plenty of support.  This Kill Team is new and improved and here to stay.  And you can play with your existing army!  Learn More

To launch Kill Team right, we have a great number of new releases right at launch, July 28th, and we are very happy at BKG to offer our own Preorder Specials!

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Core Set  $159.99
There’s no better place to kick off your first Kill Team campaign than with the Kill Team boxed set, containing everything you need to start gaming, including two kill teams, the full rules and a complete board setup featuring the new Sector Imperialis terrain. If you wanted to, you could only buy this set as a board game in its own right and still have hours of fun with it.

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Core Manual  $49.99
As well as being available in the Kill Team boxed set, you’ll be able to pick up the manual separately – great if you’re intending to split the set with a friend or want to get stuck in with the game but have plenty of scenery and miniatures already.

Kill Team Starter Set: Krogskull’s Boyz  $74.99
Kill Team Starter Sets are the perfect way to get stuck in with a new kill team, each featuring specially selected models, new rules, custom tokens and terrain to bolster your collection, all at a lower price than picking up the contents separately.  This one is for Orks.

Kill Team Starter Set: Fangs of Ulfrich $74.99
The Fangs of Ulfrich is a Space Wolves kill team that’s a great starting point for ANY Adeptus Astartes player.

Kill Team Data Cards  $19.99
Sector Imperialis: Basilicanum  $119.99
Sector Imperialis: Sanctum  $89.99
Sector Imperialis: Administratum  $59.99
Sector Imperialis: Ruins  $44.99
Killzone: Sector Mechanicus  $99.99
Kill Team Squad Carrying Case  $39.99

Be a Hero, and Preorder!:  Pre-Order Anything by Sunday, July 17th, and get a Hero’s Reward when you come to pick up your new stuff!  It doesn’t matter what you get, be it just a deck to the biggest bundle, this is a reward for letting us know early!

Kill Team Core Set  $159.99
Kill Team Data Cards  $19.99
Kill Team Squad Carrying Case  $39.99
SAVE $20.00!
That’s Kill Team Data Cards for Free!
Kill Team Core Manual $49.99
Kill Team Data Cards  $19.99
Your Choice of:
   Fangs of Ulfrich  $74.99
   Krogskull’s Boyz  $74.99
   A Credit Towards a Yet to be Released Starter Team  $74.99
SAVE $10.00!
Get the Kill Team Data Cards at a Discount!
Kill Team Core Set  $159.99
Kill Team Data Cards  $19.99
Killzone: Sector Mechanicus $99.99
SAVE $30.00!
Two Battlefields to fight over!
Kill Team Core Set $159.99
Kill Team Data Cards  $19.99
Sector Imperialis: Basilicanum  $119.99
Sector Imperialis: Administratum  $59.99
Sector Imperialis: Ruins  $44.99
SAVE $65.00!
Welcome to the Urban Jungle!