Assassinorum: Execution Force

Apr25 - 1Next Saturday we will have the new Limited Edition Warhammer 40K Miniature Board Game Assassinorum: Execution Force! This is a similar situation to Space Hulk from a while back, it will be a limited run, and we will likely never get more again – so this is a first come first serve situation.

The game goes for $149.99 CAD, but if you pre-order it by Wednesday, April 29 you will save 10%!

Assassinorum: Execution Force comes with four amazing sculpts for the classic Assassins. They join forces to hunt down and assassinate the Chaos Lord who is protected by cultists and Chaos Marines. The game features all new game mechanics – but of course all the minis are available to use in your normal Warhammer 40,000 games.

If you are interested in using the assassins in 40K games be sure to grab this week’s White Dwarf, which include rules for them!

Once again, this is a limited run, and we’re not getting a ton, so pre-order yours now while you can!
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TableTop Day is Here!

TableTop Day

It’s International TableTop Day!  Join us for the best day of Open Gaming all year!  Simply play games, and earn great promos.  Here’s how it works: for every different game you play you get a point towards the promos.  There are promos and give aways worth 1-12 ‘Games Played’ so once you have played enough to get the item(s) you want simply come up and claim them.  We will mark off the games used up, and you can get back to playing and earn yourself even more goodies.

It’s like an arcade – only for tabletop games!

Here are some pictures of the over 100 different prizes you can claim:

International Table Top Day is Coming to BKG – April 11th

Board Game Potluck

Board Game Potluck

Join us for a day full of great food and even better games!

When: Saturday, January 3rd, 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Entry Fee: Just bring in some food to share, or pitch in for pizza!

What will we do: In addition to chowing down on the tasty food you’ve brought to share we will be playing all kinds of great Board Games.  We have a whole bunch of great games in our collection, including lots of new ones that you can play. Or bring some of your own games to teach everyone – because let’s be honest – you probably got some great new game for Christmas that you’re just dying to play (I know I have!).  That’s it!  Pretty simple, but so much fun, so join us for our first Board Game Potluck of the new year!

Last Minute Shopping Spree: 10 Recommendations

BK ChristmasWith only one more week until Christmas, many of us will be looking to finish off that holiday shopping.  To help you out a bit I have a few suggestions on great games that might have escaped your radar.  Not only are these some great games, but they haven’t sold out (yet!) so you should be able to get your hands on them!

11cam1. Camel Up, $39.99

Camel Up won this year’s Game of the Year award (Speil Des Jares), so that alone is a big deal.  Camel up is a simple yet very fun game that is great for serious gamers, and non-gamers alike.  If you want something like Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride this will work perfectly.  In Camel Up players take turns placing bets, or moving the camels.  There are several options that are always worthwhile, so the choices aren’t easy, but they aren’t complex either.  The game works with a as few as two, but as many as eight players, which is another big selling point.  Add to that a fun dice shaker in the shape of a pyramid and this game is a home run!

11zom2. Zombie Dice, $14.99

Zombies Dice makes for an excellent Stocking Stuffer.  It is a simple press your luck game that fits in perfectly as a warm-up game.  In Zombie Dice the players are zombies, and they take turns rolling dice.  Brains are good (tasty!) and Shotgun-blasts are no (ouch!).  The player that accumulates enough brains without getting shot wins.  Zombie Dice has a fun theme, is easy to learn, and is very quick – it’s a staple in my weekly family game night.

11dic3. Marvel Dice Masters, $14.99

Dice Masters might be the surprise hit of the year at Black Knight Games.  Dice Masters is a superhero themed collectible dice game.  Players collect cards of their favorite Marvel superheros, and the corresponding dice that go with them.  The game itself is a fun strategy game that is a mix of Magic and Yahtzee.  What makes Dice Masters so fun though is that the collecting is so easy, and also so fun.  Booster packs are only $0.99, and you get two new dice and the corresponding cards.  The starter set is only $14.99, and provides plenty for two players to play with.  Dicemasters is quickly setting itself up as the next big thing, so consider a starter set and a couple boosters as Stocking-fodder this year.

11for4. Forbidden Desert, $29.99

Forbidden Desert was unavailable for the last four months due to a reprint, but we finally have it back in stock – and the timing couldn’t be better with Wil Wheaton featuring it on a recent episode of Table Top (one of the best episodes ever BTW!).  Forbidden Desert is an excellent co-operative game by Matt Leacock who designed Pandemic, and Forbidden Island.  Forbidden Desert takes the basic mechanics of those two classics and adds some excellent elements, along iwth great components.  Forbidden Desert is a must in any gamer’s collection.

11imp5. Star Wars Imperial Assault, $129.99

Imperial Assault is a brand new release by Fantasy Flight Games in their Star Wars license.  Their X-Wing game exploded a few years ago, and now they have turned to the infantry and vehicles in this massive game that is chalked full of miniatures, map boards, and pieces.  This is a game that will break my shelves it’s so big and heavy.  Imperial Assault just came in this week, and it was so highly anticipated that it shut down shipping at the distributor for a day just so they could get them out!

11arc6. Arcadia Quest, $99.99

Another massive game filled to the brim with miniatures is Arcadia Quest.  Arcadia Quest is a dungeon-crawler style game with an adorably chibi aesthetic.  The orcs, monsters, and heroes are all beautifully sculpted, and this game is truly top-notch when it comes to quality of components.  This game was recently successfully kickstarted by Cool Mini or Not, and looks to be a big hit for them with new expansions already in the works.

11han7. Hanabi, $10.99

Another excellent stocking stuffer comes in the form of another game of the year: Hanabi.  This simple-looking co-operative card game seems so simple at first – players need to stack cards with matching colours in to sets of 1-5.  The catch?  You hold your hand of cards facing outwards, and you can’t talk!  This is a game that truly tests your ability to co-operate, and will work your memory.  Hanabi makes for a fantastic game for pretty much everyone.

11xwin11staw8. Star Wars: X-Wing Starter Set -or- Star Trek: Attack Wing Starter Set, $44.99

Both Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Trek: Attack Wing have great followings at Black Knight Games.  These two nearly identical games create an immersive  experience and truly captures the give and take chess-match that is aerial dogfighting.  The starter sets contain enough for two players to play already, but there are so many ships that you can add to your squadrons that these games end up being extremely customizable.  Both games have their own flavour, so it’s a simple question: are you a Star Wars fan or a Trekkie?

11king11king29. King of Tokyo -or -King of New York, $39.99/$49.99

One of our absolute family favorites is King of Tokyo.  King of Tokyo is a wonderful dice-based game where players are massive monsters vying for the right to demolish Tokyo.  Players can attack one another, heal themselves, acquire energy to buy upgrades like wings and fire breathing, or simply gain victory points depending on how they roll.  The game is a colourful masterpiece, and is already one of the best bridges between family game and gamer-game.  This year they released King of New York, a new version that adds some interesting new dynamics without over-complicating it.  Both games are wonderful – I can’t recommend them highly enough.

BKG Gift Card10. Gift Card, $Any

If there is one thing that is certain, the gamer in your life has ALWAYS got something else they are hoping for.  Be it a new board game, a specific miniature, some new booster packs, or just entry fees for an event here at Black Knight Games, they are always able to use some credit here at BKG.  A Black Knight Games gift card will always go over well, and can take some of the trickiness out of shopping.  “Do they still play this?  Does he already have that?  Would she really want one of those?” are all questions that can easily be solved with a gift card – and it fits in a stocking or holiday card so nicely!

No matter what you get your loved ones this holiday season we here at Black Knight Games hope you share a wonderful season full of love, laughter, and games!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays,

Jay Mason-Grant
Owner, Black Knight Games

Board Game Club: November

Board Game Club Nov

Board Game Potluck Today

Board Game Potluck

Join us today from 12pm-5pm (or later if you want!) for food and fun at our Board Game Potluck! Bring games, or play the ones here. Bring food, or pitch in for some here. Jay will be around to teach new games to everyone as well!


Board Game Club – October

Board Game Club October

GenCon Previews

GenCon featured a pile of upcoming board games, and we were able to grab some copies of some very exciting future releases for you all to try!  Over the next month we’ll have ‘Game of the Year’ winner Camel Up, as well as some other extremely highly anticipated games like Level 7: Invasion, King of New York, Imperial Settlers, and Doomtown available to try out.  None of these games are available yet in stores, but if you try them out you will be able to pre-order them at 10% off!

BG Camel UpBG DoomtownBG InvasionBG Imperial SettlersBG King of New York

Privateer Play Days

Privateer Play Days

This entire week Black Knight Games will be hosting Privateer Play Days!  What is a Privateer Play Day?  It’s a day where you and your friends can join us and play some of your favorite Privateer Press board and card games!  Never played one before?  No problem we’ll teach you!  In addition to getting the chance to play these great games there will also be awesome prizes!  Check out all the great games you get to play:

coreBoxMonday, May 5, 6:00pm – Bodger Games

Bodger games include Heap, Infernal Contraption, Bodger Mania, and Scrappers.  These games are all fun, short, and hilarious.  These games are very easy to learn, so join in the fun!

Tuesday, May 6, 6:00pm – Level 7 Escape

Battle rages through the halls of Subterra Bravo as unearthly creatures and human military fight over control of the underground facility. Amid the turmoil, a few desperate prisoners have managed to escape this hellish place.  You were not so lucky.

Wednesday, May 7, 6:00pm – Zombies Keep Out!

It’s bodge or get bitten when a giant mob of zombies attacks the goblins’ workshop. Now it’s up to you and the other bodgers to repel the undead or become a zombie’s late-night snack!  Zombies Keep Out! is the latest game in the Bodgers series, and it might just be the best one yet!

Level 7 Omega Protocol Box_3DThursday, May 8th, 6:00pm – High Command

High Command is the popular deck-building card game set in the Warmachine & Hordes universe.  Bring your deck, or borrow one as you attempt to command your troops towards victory!

Friday, May 9th, 6:00pm – Level 7 Omega Protocol

Now overrun with swarms of monstrous genetic creations led by their nefarious alien overseers, the underground facility of Subterra Bravo is the epicenter of an unfathomable government conspiracy—one that must be kept secret at all costs.  THEIR GREATEST WEAPON IS FEAR. YOURS IS AN ASSAULT RIFLE.