Necromunda League: Welcome to the Shadow War

Black Knight Games will be running a league for Necromunda using rules from the starter set and the Gang War supplements. Gangs may be created from any Gang lists available from Games Workshop, as well as from Shadow Wars kill teams (point values will be used from Shadow Wars: Armageddon, updated profiles will be provided).

The Campaign: The campaign starts March 11th and runs for 5 weeks to be followed by a playoff. Players will be given one scheduled opponent per week, additionally they will be able to play up to one more game against an opponent of their choice each week. Games can be scheduled for any time during the week and can be planned using the Facebook group.

  • Week 1: March 11 – 17
  • Week 2: March 18 – 24
  • Week 3: March 25 – March 31
  • Week 4: April 1 – 7
  • Week 5: April 8 – 14

Playoffs: The campaign will end with a single elimination, swiss pairing playoff between the top 8 gangs by Reputation. In the event of a tie, the first tie breaker will be Head to Head, second will be turf size, then Gang Rating.

What you need: Players should have a gang (or kill team) of models to use during the campaign, as well as a set of Necromunda Dice, and any Gang cards they want to use during their games.

Entry: Sign up starts now and ends March 9th. The cost is $20.00, or entry is FREE with the purchase of a copy of Necromunda: Underhive (if you have already purchased a copy of Necromunda from Black Knight Games the entry fee will be waived). Stronghold Members will receive a Hero’s Reward when they register.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded for 1stand 2nd place overall, as well as Best Painted Gang, and Best Painted Scenery Piece.  There will be some Hero’s Rewards as prizes too.

Necromunda Preorder Special

Necromunda, the game of hive city gang warfare, and a long-time fan-favorite, is back for the first time in over a decade!

The new edition, Necromunda Underhive, is imminent, and we have the best way for you to get yours: the BKG Necromunda Preorder Special!


The Necromunda Underhive core set (which includes 2 gangs, the tile set, two sets of terrain, and all the stuff you need to play like dice and templates!), the Gang War book (which includes the rules for campaigns, and multi-level fighting – probably the most popular things about Necromunda), a Gang Card Set of your choice,

Pre-order Special: When you pre-order the special, you will also get a limited edition Gang Range Ruler, a set of Promo Cards, a free Hero’s Reward , and two ballots for our monthly Gift Card draw!  Additionally the first ten pre-orders will get a Necromunda poster!  –  All for a better price!

Canadian MSRP: $203.00 (Set $150, Gang War $35, Card Card Set $35)
Pre-Order Special Price: $184.99
You Save: $18.00 and get a bunch of great promo items!

Pre-order Deadline: You can get this special price on any preorder placed by Tuesday, November 21st

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