MTG: Core Set 2021 Singles Opening Hangout

It feels like just yesterday that Ikoria dropped, but believe it or not it’s M21 time! One of the steps we always take when a new set arrives is to open up some for the store to kick off our MTG singles collection for the new set. With Ikoria we tried something new for the first time and loved the response, so we’re trying it again: a Zoom Hangout where we open up the packs for our singles!

How it will work:
Several staff will be taking home sealed Core Set 21 stock to open up, and we will be hosting an open Zoom Meeting where they will be opening it all up. Members of the BKG community are encouraged to join us and virtually hang out while we do so, talking about everything from the new set, to how we’re keeping sane during lockdown!

Are there any benefits for joining in?
Absolutely! We want to reward you for being a part of our M21 Launch experience, so we will be doing a couple things to keep you engaged and reward your participation. First of all, ‘Dibs’ will be in effect for those that are watching. If you see a card you really want opened you can let us know and we will put it aside for you! Secondly, we will be doing some fun give-aways and maybe even a little competition or two. So just by watching you can win some free Magic stuff!

How and When to Join:
Monday, June 29th from 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Join us on Zoom
Meeting ID:  917 1020 4239
Password: core2021

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