New Online Store

Black Knight Games is very excited to announce our new Online Store & Website!

We had begun working on a new website to catalog and sell our Magic Singles before the COVID-19 lockdown began with the intention of offering an improved buying experience for singles specifically. But, with the changes we are all facing we saw the merits of making this website more than just Magic.

At the moment you can see and buy all of our products from the new MTG Ikoria set, including the singles, but we are working hard to add additional items to our site including things like Warhammer, Board Games, Pokémon, new ranges like Puzzles, and of course the rest of our MTG Singles (the original purpose of the site to begin with).

Just like when you make a normal purchase over the phone, email, or messenger, you can select pickup or BKG Delivery within the Hamilton region.

Our intention is to get much more of our store’s inventory online soon so that you can see what is in stock, and browse at your own pace. It’s a pretty huge task with thousands of items, and thousands of cards to inventory, but we are on it. We also plan on making this new site our main website, so things like events, store programs, and the blog will find their way over there soon.

We thank you so much for supporting Black Knight Games throughout this time, and we are excited to be working on a way to make your shopping experience with us easier.

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