Blood Bowl BKBBL Home League Season 1

Attention Blood Bowl Coaches in exile! We have been playing some pickup games of Blood Bowl on the PC Game Blood Bowl 2 over the past month or so, but now we are ready to take things to the next level: a proper competitive league online!

When: Sign up by May 9th, Week 1 starts May 10th

Entry Fee: $10, you can either call or message us to arrange payment, or use the PayPal button below!

Format: Each participant will be assigned opponents, one a week. The number of matches is determined by sign ups. It is up to the coaches to arrange when to play their games with one another, and players are given a one-week window for each match to be completed. The top teams will make the playoffs, and will get their chance to win the Championship!

How Do I Join?: First you will need a copy of the video game Blood Bowl 2 on PC (X-Box and others won’t be able to join the same league). Send us your Username and Team Name (via FB Messenger, or through the PayPal link as you pay). You will receive an invite to the league soon! Only new TV1000 teams, or ones from the BKBBL open ladder can join the league.

But what’s the point if I can talk some smack!?: Consider joining our BKBBL FB Group, or our Discord Server too for all that sweet smacktalk!

Prizes: The entry Fees will be put towards some fun prizes based on overall attendance.

BB2 on PC Username
Team Name

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