Pokémon: Rebel Clash Release Specials

Well, usually this would be Prerelease Weekend for the newest Pokémon set, but rather than hosting all you beautiful people in our shop on Sunday for a day of fun exploring the newest set – we’re all doing our best in an unprecedented situation. So in an effort to allow you all to share some of the fun from home we have put together some Pokémon offers for the newest set: Rebel Clash!

How to get your preferred offer: like any current purchase from BKG you’ll have to rely on our BKG Delivery or Curbside Pickup. Place your order by either calling in, messaging us on Facebook, or emailing us.

Offer 1: The Pre-Release Special
Get yourself one of the Prerelease Build & Battle packs, and two bonus booster packs from Rebel Clash! With this offer you may also request up to thirty energy – just let us know which ones you need and we’ll do out best to accommodate 🙂
Price: $34.99
Available: Now

Offer 2: The Pre-Release Double-Up
Double the contents of the Pre-Release Special, but you get a pair of bonus boosters! So get two Build & Battle packs, and six bonus boosters! Grab some spare energy too like in the first offer.
Price: $69.99
Available: Now

Offer 3: Booster Box Special & Battle
Grab yourself a full booster box of Rebel Clash within the window and get a Build and Battle set for half-price!
Price: $189.99
Available: During May, while supplies last

Otherwise you can certainly get all the usual items when they’re available at their release on May 1st, at their regular prices!:
Booster Pack: $5.49
3 Booster Packs: $17.99
Booster Box: $174.99
Mini Binder: $6.99
Elite Trainer Box: $59.99
Theme Decks (either Zacian or Zamazenta): $18.99

However you set out the new Pokémon set, we thank you very much for supporting us during these times. Together we can get through this – so stay safe and have fun!

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