MTG Exiled Magic

Knights in Exile! We’re tired of not playing Magic with you all, so we are going to be running some events using MTG Arena! Players will need to download a few things in order to participate. Check out everything you need to participate:

Obviously you will need MTG Arena in order to actually play. If you’ve never played Arena before, you can download it, and make an account.

Second, players will need to join the BKG Discord server. The link to that is HERE and if you’ve never used Discord before you should make an account and download it here:

Players will also need to create an account for, which we’ll be using for pairings, round timers, and decklist submission.

How Will Pairings and Matches Work?

Players should join our FNM Channel on Discord for communication. Pairings will be posted on MTGMelee, where players will also be able to find their opponent’s MTG: Arena username and match up. Players will also report their matches on MTGMelee. Rounds will be best of 3 with a 50 minute round timer and a 5 minute grace period for you to connect with your opponent and get your match started. 

Players are expected to use the same deck (with a 15 card sideboard) for the entire event. Players should submit their decklists to the FNM Decklist

Players can pay for the event through Paypal or by calling us and paying over the phone before the event (please do so in advance so that we do not have a surge of calls just before the event) and if it is your first online event with us, you’ll get $10 back in store credit on your account! Once you have paid for the event you’ll receive the Code to enter the event on MTGMelee!

The First Events

We will be doing two events a week, every Wednesday and Friday, starting on April 15th. Wednesdays we will be playing ‘Historic’ and Fridays we will be playing ‘Standard’.

The tournaments will start right at 6PM, so be online and loaded up before then. Payment and registration for the events needs to be sorted out by 5PM if you want to participate that night.

Where: The comfort of your own home, on MTG Arena!

Entry Fee: $10 (Which you will get back on your account in store credit if it is the first online event you are participating in, so your first one is free!)

Prizes: Much like our regular FNM for each player, $7.50 of store credit will go into the prize pool, and will be distributed based on the player’s overall record. Players going 3-1 will receive a prize of at least $15 credit, while 4-0 players will receive the remainder of the prize pool evenly distributed. We will be keeping track of undefeated players and they will also get a promo pack when we are able to give it to them.

Champion In Exile
We haven’t forgotten about our awesome Grand Invitational Tournament that is set to happen in January 2021! Without in-store gaming we will need to get some qualifiers for it, so we will be crowning two Champions in Exile! Like our usual seasonal championships these will be based on overall record for our Wednesday Historical and Friday Standard players. The top player of each overall when this all ends will earn an invite to our Grand Invitational!

We’re doing our best to give you a great experience through these MTG Arena events a try, but this is all new to us and is out of our comfort zone a bit. Please be patient and feel free to give us constructive feed back about the experiences. We know things won’t be as good at first as our in-store events, that’s why we’re giving your entry fee back for your fist event! But with some time and experience we believe we can deliver that competitive and familiar feeling right in the comfort of your own home!

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