Blood Bowl Home League

Blood Bowl Coaches! While the current season in Lustria is on hiatus due to an outbreak of Jungle Fever, we have our finest mages working on an alternative for those looking to get their sporting fix within the mostly plague free (aside from Nurgle of course) Blood Bowl 2!

Blood Bowl is a game that is near and dear to many of our hearts, and we would love to keep the league spirit going! We’ve created an open Ladder league on Blood Bowl 2, if you’d like to join!

Entry Fee: None, this is an open league, it’s just a spot to find games against one another!

How Do I Join?: First you will need a copy of the video game Blood Bowl 2 on PC (X-Box and others won’t be able to join the same league). Then create a new TV1000 team, and send us your Username and Team Name via messenger. You will receive an invite to the league soon!

Consider joining our BKBBL FB Group, or our Discord Server too for all that sweet smacktalk!

What about a full league with prizes and stuff? If there is interest, we may run a more traditionally structured league in the future, but in the meantime, stay in and play some Blood Bowl!

Does this mean that the BKBBL Season 17 is cancelled? No way! Jay’s goblins are doing to well for us to cancel that. We are simply taking a break from it while the gaming space is closed. Once we all get through this we will be back on the pitch!

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