Black Knight Response to COVID-19 (UPDATED 03/24)

UPDATE: March 24, 2020
In accordance with the order from the Government of Ontario we will be shutting our doors to customers. Starting on March 25th we will only be offering purchases via our new BKG Delivery model.

Given the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation worldwide we at Black Knight Games have been monitoring the situation very closely. This is something that will affect people in different ways – different levels of anxiety are reasonable. Our Doors are closed to customers, however we are still doing no-touch delivery. This is a situation that seems to change daily, but we will be addressing this situation in the following ways:

We are adjusting the hours that we are open/available
With no events, and no in-stors shopping we are not open to the public. You can still message us via Facebook Messenger, or call us. You can expect to be answered within the following hours (although you may get an answer at other times):
WEEKDAYS: 2:00pm – 8:00pm
SAT/SUN: 12:00pm – 5:00pm

We have closed all in-store play & shopping
We have made the difficult decision to cancel all in-store play and shopping. This is in accordance with all local, provincial, and federal recommendations.

If you have an order that we can’t fulfill, or paid for an event we won’t be running, we will absolutely refund you (this will be a hard few weeks for small businesses like ours, so if we can refund you in store credit that would be our preference, however we will accommodate your needs).

We will bring the game to your door
We have launched BKG Delivery to the Greater-Hamilton & Brantford areas to serve our customers better who are making a responsible decision to stay home – but who need some stuff to play with! These orders will be paid for and picked in advance, and can be sent to your home, or you can pick them up in our parking lot. All deliveries will be no-touch deliveries. You may have Check out the BKG Delivery page for all the details.

We are taking in-house precautions to keep staff safe
We have hand-sanitizer readily available, are wiping down commonly touched surfaces, and taking extra care to clean regularly. Staff will be scheduled to have almost no contact with each other, and (as mentioned) all deliveries will be no-touch deliveries. Any staff that begin to show symptoms will self-isolate.

We are investing in our community from afar
We have launched a new online community Black Knight in Exile where we will continue to engage our community by encouraging participants to share their gaming and hobby experiences at home. We will announce Challenges, and Prizes too, to keep our community engagement up!

At Black Knight Games community is everything. For many of us this may be no more than an inconvenient time, but for some the risks should be considered differently. With the right cautious approach we can continue to serve the needs of this community while keeping everyone safe. This is something we need to do together. So thank you for your support, stay home if you can, and keep that love of games going strong!

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    Oof… That decision to remove the online store though. Yipes.

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