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With the need for social distancing and self-isolation becoming more and more crucial, we at Black Knight Games have been looking for ways to continue to serve our customers and the members of our gaming communities. It is also very important for us to keep our staff employed though all this.

We are very happy to announce the beginning of a new home-delivery program: BKG Delivery! Here are the details:

Fee: There is a $10.00 Delivery Charge, this fee can be waived if you are in need, but please note that this fee will be used to keep our staff working.

Placing an Order: You can place an order in a variety of ways. Call us at 905-296-3401 and we can talk with you, and make sure we have what you need. You can then pay over the phone with a credit card. Alternatively you can message the store’s FB Page, or email us at our Sales email address. Payments can also be made via PayPal – really we just want to make it as convenient as possible for you to continue to support your Friendly Local Game Store.

Range: We will be serving the greater Hamilton, and Brantford areas. This includes Dundas, Ancaster, Binbrook, Mt Hope, and Stony Creek.

We have an extended range of Grimsby, Paris, Caledonia, Cayuga, and Burlington. Deliveries in that range may come with an added charge, and may not happen as quickly. If you are much further out than that contact us and we can arrange some other kind of delivery. We very much want to work with you.

Delivery: We will aim to deliver the same day, or following day. If we expect delivery to take longer than that we will do our best to let you know. We will ask for any unique delivery instructions you may have, which will include delivery windows that work for you. All deliveries will be no-contact! We are practicing care when picking your items, but we still advise that you wipe down any items you get if possible when you get them as the virus is know to stay on surfaces, especially plastic, for some time.

Pick-Ups: If you would prefer to pick up your items you absolutely can! The process to order is the same, and there is no delivery fee. Arrange a pick-up time, contact use when you get here, and we will deliver your items to you outside in our parking lot.

BKG Benefits: When you shop from us instead of some bigger online place you are helping us keep our doors open through this crisis. As a business focused on community these are difficult times, but they won’t stop us from offering the best service we can. You will continue to get your Stronghold Points, and have access to other perks like Store Credit as well. And if you have a specific need or concern we will do our best to work on a solution for you.

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