MTG Mystery Booster Draft

With the release of the new Mystery Boosters we are excited to offer up an awesome Mystery Draft! What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th.

Date: Friday, March 13th, 6:30pm (Registration begins at 6pm)

Entry Fee: $25.00 -or- 7 Hero’s Rewards

Format: Booster Draft, DCI Sanctioned, 3 Rounds, No Cut – this event follows the same format as out usual FNM Booster Draft apart from the set. We will still have our normal FNM draft as an option for those who don’t love MYSTERY (in spooky voice).

Prizes:  1.5 Booster Packs are added to the Prize Pool for each participant and is spread evenly to participants based on record (all 3-0 get the same prize, all 2-1 get the same prize). Packs may be swapped for $5.00 in Store Credit.

Image result for the box could be a boat

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