Introducing the MTG Events Card!

One of the improvements we are making at BKG in 2020 to make the experience of gaming here even better for our Magic Players is the introduction of our MTG Events Card!

What is it?
The MTG Events Card is a free card that you get when you participate in official MTG events at Black Knight Games! The card gets stamped for each official MTG event you play in! After every five events you earn a reward.

-After 5 Events played you get a Hero’s Reward
-After 10 Events you get one of the sealed promo packs
-After 15 Events you get a second Hero’s Reward
-Then, After 20 Events you get a PREMIUM foil sealed promo pack!

It’s as easy as that! Play in events, earn some cool stuff! This all goes above and beyond the normal prizes, the bounties, normal weekly promos etc.

We are very excited to add this element to our events because it’s important to reward all of our participants from time to time, not just those that win each week. Thank you very much for playing here at BKG in 2020 – you have a great year of gaming ahead of you!

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