MTG Grand Championship LCQ

On January 4th we will be hosting out most prestigious event of the year: the Black Knight Games Grand Championship Invitational. This is the event with our biggest prize pool, exclusive playmats for the Top 8, and the right to call yourself the BKG Grand Champion.

Players have been earning their invites throughout the year by winning our biggest events like the recent WPNQ, winning Seasonal Championsips, and by dominating prereleases. But there is one last way to punch your ticket: the Last Chance Qualifiers (or LCQs).

Last Chance Qualifiers:
LCQ events will happen on the regular nights the week before the Invitational. The top non-invited player at each of these three events will earn one of the final three spots at the Invitational!

The Last Chance Qualifiers will happen on:
Wednesday, January 1st, 6pm (Modern)
Friday, January 3rd, 6pm (Standard)
Friday, January 3rd, 6:30pm (Booster Draft)

In all other respects these events are exactly like the normal weekly MTG events.

It’s down to the wire, but you can still make it – qualify for the big Invitational in style with our Last Chance Qualifiers!

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