MTG Celebration 2019

This has been an amazing year of Magic: the Gathering gaming at Black Knight Games, and we feel like celebrating! As a thank you to all the amazing folks that have made our year so fun we will be hosting a special event later this month in place of our usual Friday Night Magic, and it’ll be FREE!

Entry Fee: No, I just said it’s free – Merry Christmas and all that!

When: Friday, December 27, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Format: Mini Masters! This may not be a format that everyone is familiar with, but it’s awesome. Basically you get a free booster pack, add 3 of each land, and play with that. Win a match, and add a booster, keep going until you have 4 packs! Yep, you get up to 4 boosters for a free event.

Does this count towards the MTG Standings in any way?: Nope, it’s actually perfectly timed because the week before the Fall Season ends, and the week after is all Last Chance Qualifiers for the MTG Invitational, so this fun freebie is the perfect filler event!

However you spend the holidays we really hope that it’s full of fun, family, and games.

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