MTG Foil Week & Sneak Peek

This week our weekly Magic: the Gathering events will be upgraded – because we will be making all the promo packs we give out this week the Premium Foil Promo Packs!

Even better, this week we are Doubling the number of promo packs at all four events! That means that if you attend our Wednesday Modern, Thursday Pioneer, or FNM Standard of Draft events you are much more likely to get your hands on some of that awesome awesome shiny!

Check out our Weekly MTG page for details on weekly events at BKG.

In 2020 we have some great plans in place to reward our Magic Players even further for participating in our events. We will be introducing our first event MTG EventS Card – a punch card where you’ll earn rewards automatically after attending a certain number of BKG Events.

Here is a peek at the back of the card, as you can see you’ll be getting some great rewards just for consistently showing up!

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