12 Games of Christmas 2019

Every year we at Black Knight Games take some time to consider our 12 Games of Christmas.  These are games that we believe make amazing and affordable gifts, and are just great games that you can get pretty much anyone to try.  They are typically easy to learn, fun for serious gamers and casual gamers alike, and probably fit in a stocking.  After much deliberation and consideration we have selected the following twelve games as our 12 Games of Christmas, but this year we have added four additional games from the ‘Naughty List’:



One of our favourite kids & family games.  In Rhino Hero players take turns stacking folded cards to make a tower, and they want to be the super hero that climbs up the highest!

It’s all the fun of Jenga, with more interesting strategy, and an awesome theme!



In Illusion players take turns drawing a card with a colorful pattern on it.  They must then add it to the sequence of cards based entirely on how much of a specific colour it has in it!

Don’t let your eyes fool you – while this game is simple, it is very fun and you’ll often be surprised by it!



Dungeon Mayhem is a fast and fun adventure card game where players battle it out to emerge victorious through a whirlwind of attacks and defenses.  Set in the Dungeons & Dragons world, Dungeon Mayhem is easy to learn, but provides loads of replayability – especially with the recent release of an expansion that adds two new classes!

It’s easy to see why Dungeon Mayhem was our #1 Top Selling Board Game in 2019!



Using a clever app the Unlock Games provide an escape-room experience right in your very own living room.  Solve the mystery before that pesky clock hits zero!

The Unlock! series has been a hit for the past couple years.  They have re-designed the box to include three adventures for the price of one in the new Adventures series!



From Japanese company Oink Games, A Fake Artist Goes to New York provides hilarious gameplay for 5-10 players.  Everyone takes turns adding just a bit to a piece of art.  The catch?  One person is a fake and doesn’t actually know what we’re trying to draw!

This is one of the games the staff here are really excited about this holiday season – we think it’s just perfect for those family gatherings!



Shobu is an elegant and simple strategy game.  Players move a piece on one board, and then mirror it on another with the goal of pushing all the pieces of their opponent off the board.

If you have someone in your life that loves a good game of chess, or the simplicity of a zen garden, this is the game for them.



Love Letter is a simple social deduction card game where players try to claim the hand of the princess by eliminating their rivals.  The gameplay is quick and simple, but every game is different.  With a beautiful new edition, this game has even more fun packed in than ever before.

This is truly a game for everyone, and it is one of our all time best sellers!



In Zombie Kidz Evolution is a ‘Legacy’ game for kids, where the story advances from mission to mission, game to game as players create their own tale of zombie survival – starting at school and making their escape.

This is one of the very best kids games of the past few years, and it’s even designed by a Canadian company!  We highly recommend it as a game to play with your kids.



Letter Jam is a co-operative word-game, where players try to figure out which secret letters they have in front of them by getting clues from teammates.  Players will have to balance their clues to give information to all players, as the only way to win is by having everyone find their secret word.

Letter Jam has been a favourite of the staff the past couple month, don’t even get Phil started he loves it so much!



Just One is a cooperative party game that is so simple it’s genius.  Players take turns as the guesser, needing to guess a secret word.  Players each provide a one-word clue to the guesser, but if anyone comes up with the same clue it’s eliminated.  Can your clue be vague enough to help, without being so obvious that someone else comes up with the same one?

Winner of ‘Game of the Year’ at the world famous Speil de Jares this year, Just One is an instant classic – at home on anyone’s game shelf.



In High Society players take the role of a member of the wealthy-elite, hobnobbing and buying up ridiculously self-indulgent items as a sign of wealth.  Though an auction system players must balance showing off their wealth, with not over-spending – after all, what good is showing off that wealth if you end up a pauper?

High Society is the kind of game where players can’t help but fall in to the roll of a fancy member of the upper crust, it’s simple and fun.



Unstable Unicorns is a card-collecting game where the goal is to have the most unicorns in your stable.  The problem, of course, is that everyone keeps messing with each other’s collection!  The cards are charming, the art is adorable, and the quality is high.

This game might be least year’s breakout hit.  If you liked Exploding Kittens, but want something a bit different, give this beauty a try!

 The Naughty List



This version has all the hilarious gameplay of the game described above – only it’s got the kind of childish language and humour that makes it only for adults.  Not recommended for kids.

Reason for being on the Naughty List: Very Inappropriate Language for such a nice Unicorn.



In Tattoo Stories players compete with fellow tattoo artists to deliver the final tattoo design to a customer.  Will your design be abstract?  Beautiful?  Sentimental?  Did you remember to include that Baby Yoda in the background?  Ultimately the customer will decide on their design that most fulfills their wishes.

Reason for being on the Naughty List: Mrs. Clause isn’t quite down with that new neck tattoo of yours.



In Villainous you play an iconic Disney Villain with your own scheme for victory.  Foil other villains utilizing the heros from their famous tales to prove once and for all who is the ultimate bad-guy!

Reason for being on the Naughty List: Poisoned apples, stolen voices, it’s all right here in the evidence your honour…



In Personally Incorrect players compete to satisfy the judge with the most insulting, dirty, or brazen answer to a question.  If you love Cards Against Humanity, but want a personal twist – at a cheaper price, this game is for you!  Not recommended for kids.

Reason for being on the Naughty List: Insults and cruelty will never get you on the nice list…no matter how hilarious and fun they are.

Don’t forget, if you get ANY of our 12 Games of Christmas or the four games on the Naughty List by the end of December, you will be entered in to our Holiday Draws, where four lucky gamers will win $50.00 BKG Gift Cards!

Happy Gaming this Holiday Season!

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