Pokémon Let’s Play! DEC

Pokémon has always been one of the most popular games in our store because it does such a great job of appealing both to experienced players and brand new ones! To give players of all sorts, and all ages, a crack at playing some Pokémon every month, we are putting on a special Let’s Play! event to get everyone out to play some games!

When: SUN, December 22nd, 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Format: Let’s Play is a unique format because it’s a bit of everything. There will be pick-up games, as well as introductory games for anyone that is new to the game – we will have an official Pokémon Professor on hand! We may decide to run a quick tournament if there is interest. This event is for all ages.

Entry Fee: FREE! If we decide to run a spur of the moment tourney there would be a possible entry fee for that, but it would be low and participation in it isn’t required.

Prizes: Even though it’s a free event we will always have some cool give-aways for participants. Be sure to register as a participant if you’d like a crack at some fun Pokémon door prizes!

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