Warmachine Holiday Event

It’s time for some Holiday Warmachine Shenanigans!

When: Saturday, December 14th, 10:30am (Registration begins at 10:00am)

Entry Fee: Instead of a traditional entry fee, bring a wrapped gift (Warmachine themed, like a painted model or something new-in-box). Try to keep gifts valued at at least $20 — these will be given out to players at the event)

Format: Bring a single 75 list with 30 battlegroup points, without a Warcaster/Warlock or Infernal Master. Evan will be preparing some silly scenarios and rules to be used throughout the day, but they’re all surprises.

Prizes: Players will all get gifts from the entry fee!

The weather might be frightful…but not as frightful as an Infernal who hasn’t gotten their cocoa…

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