MTG Pioneer Weekly in November

This week Wizards of the Coast announced a brand new format: Pioneer! Pioneer is basically a format like Modern that doesn’t rotate, but it just includes a smaller number of sets. This means you can build decks without fear of rotation, and you can cut many of the more expensive elements of Modern out – so Pioneer should be a reliable set of cards, that are easier to acquire and aren’t as expensive as Modern.

Black Knight Games is excited to run our first Pioneer events, and we are starting off with a new weekly game night for MTG in the month of November. This should give players a chance to try the format, build some decks, and tinker a bit – and give us a real chance to evaluate the demand for this new format.

So if you are eager to be a pioneer of Pioneer join us every Thursday in November!

Date: Thursday Evenings in November, 6:00pm start time (registration begins at 5:30pm))

Entry Fee: $8.00 -or- 2 Hero’s Rewards Per Player
Stronghold Members: $7.00

Format: Pioneer, Swiss, 4 Rounds, No Cut,

Prizes:  1.5 Booster Packs will be put in to the prize pool per participant, which will be used to prize out the 3-1 and undefeated players. Players with the same record can expect the same prize.

In addition we will put 1 Promo Pack in to the prize pool for every 8 participants (minimum packs). 4-0 Players will get one, and the rest will be passed to other high ranking players, and random players, either as full packs or as random single cards picked from a freshly opened pack.

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