Warcry Narrative League

Rule the Varanspire and prove your worth to the Everchosen in our Warcry Narrative league! Here’s how it works. Players will work through their faction’s narrative campaign as described in the Warcry rulebook. There are no assigned games, and players are encouraged to play as many games as possible throughout the duration of the league, keeping track of the upgrades and items that their fighters acquire.

The goal of the league is to complete your faction’s campaign in as few games as possible. This means that players who complete their campaign will have a minimum of 12 games, assuming they win every game they play when completing their storyline, but just because you’ve completed your story doesn’t mean you can’t be part of someone else’s! Once you’ve completed your warbands storyline you can continue to play games and level up your fighters, and we’ll also have a prize for the player with the most games by the end of the campaign, regardless of whether they’ve completed their campaign. Monsters and Mercenaries will be able to be used during the campaign.

Games can be played at Black Knight for the league any time, however players are encouraged to come out on Mondays for league night to meet others and to get more games in!

When: October 21st – November 25th

Entry Fee: $10

Prizes: We have the Warcry OP kit, which means we’ll have medals for the 3 warbands that complete their campaigns in the fewest games, as well as token sets for top 10, and posters for Best in Faction. In addition, we’ll have prizes for the warband that plays the most games, and for the best painted warband.

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