40K Call to Arms Finale

You’ve been working hard for months, or maybe you’ve be scrambling for weeks, or maybe you’re thinking that you still have time to do this – either way you should join us for our Call to Arms Finale event!

The Call to Arms Finale is simply a party that we host after close on Sunday, for all our C2A participants. Complete or not, anyone in the Call to Arms is welcome.

When: Sunday, October 6, 5:00pm

Entry Fee: None, if you are in the Call to Arms you are welcome!

Event Details: We’ll be showing off our armies, playing some pick up games, and eating some pizza that Jay’s gotta buy since he probably won’t be done his army yet.

Showcase voting: We’ll also have some cool prizes for those with the most impressive looking armies and miniatures! Show off your painting chops, and vote on your favourite Call to Arms entries!

So join us for a celebration of your efforts and those of the BKG 40K Community, and don’t forget your Call to Arms stamp card so we can get you all stamped up!

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