BKG 12 Year Anniversary Party & Auction

Twelve years ago BKG opened in the smaller unit at the end of the plaza. We had fewer tables and less product to sell, but the goal was the same as it is today: to create a hub of gaming in Hamilton for those who love games. It wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing gamers in this community – so every year we host an anniversary party with those that matter most to us – you!

The Party

For 12 years our success has been that we endeavor to keep what’s great and we tinker with the rest – so the auction, ballots for great draws, cake – it’s all happening as always. We’ll be trying a few new things too – some more treats and other promotions.

When: Saturday, June 29th, 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Anniversary Draws: You will get a ballot just for walking through the door on June 29th (before 6pm), as well as another for each $20.00 you spend that day (including at the auction).  You can put your ballots in to your choice of five big prize bundles – which means you get to pick the prize you’ll attempt to win!  The draws will happen at 6pm, but if you can’t stay until then be sure to put your phone number on your ballots!

Anniversary Sale(?): When you announce a sale a couple of weeks in advance, you inevitably hurt your sales because people hold off waiting for the auction.  So we aren’t announcing a sale.  That would be silly.  And if we were to have a sale it would be important to know that it would only apply to in-stock, non-auciton items, and that it couldn’t be combined with other promotions.  But we aren’t announcing a sale, so you probably didn’t need to know that…

Duke it out for some sweet deals at this year’s auction!

Cake: There is, and always will be cake at birthday parties.  We like cake.

Parking: Just like every year we have decided to have inadequate parking at our Anniversary Party.  It’s an odd choice, but one we are committed to.  Please carpool, take transit, walk, or park nearby if you can.  And, please respect the designated parking spaces of our neighbors – they have businesses to run too!

The Auction

Our auction is an amazing opportunity for our community members to unload some unneeded items, and also the chance to grab some items at a great deal!

Silent Auction: Begins 12:00pm – As we’ve done in the past we will start things off with a Silent auction.  All lots can be bid on, and if there is competition for an item we will move on to the live auction.

Live Auction Begins 1:30pm – Any items that had at least a couple bids will be resolved at the live auction.

Submit Your Own Lots – You are welcome to bring in items to sell at the auction beginning on Monday, June 17th.  So turn your unused miniatures, RPG books, and games in to BKG Store Credit!

Full Details – All of our Auction details, including everything you need to know about can be found on our Auction Guidelines document.  Please review it before bringing in your items to sell!

So help us celebrate twelve years of Black Knight Games, after all – you helped us get here!

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