Stronghold Membership Renewal Drive

Our Stronghold Memberships are our longest-serving customer promotion – it’s as old as we are!  All Stronghold Memberships are set to expire on July 1st, which makes June our renewal drive!

Why Would I join?

All the details about our Stronghold Member program can be found HERE, but in short – because you get all kinds of great stuff for being a member!  Stronghold Members earn way more points on their purchases, get discounts on snacks & drinks, get discounts or extras when they play events, and get a Membership Card with some cool extras on it!  These extras change every year, so what will our members get this time!?

New Membership Card Details

You’ll notice that this year’s Membership card is very similar to last years, with many of the same benefits (like the very popular 10% Discount stamp). We’re encouraging you to join our newsletter this year, offering up a discount on an event, and we’ve made the Tab an ongoing perk!

Free Month & Renewal Bonus

If you are signing up for the first time, or for the first time in a while, by signing up in June you’ll get whatever time is left in the month for free! If you are an existing Stronghold Member take a look at your current card, you’ll see that there is a bonus Hero’s Reward stamp you can earn for re-registering this month!

The Return of the Red Card

Years ago we used to have a Premium Membership, it’s back and is without a doubt the best membership we’ve ever put together. We’ve taken our time to really make sure that the Premium Membership is something that our top customers will really enjoy. More stamps, more benefits, exclusive sales and promotions, and plenty of other perks will allow you to take full advantage of everything BKG has to offer.

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