MTG Modern Horizons Prerelease Weekend

Modern Hoizons is a new sort of set that will infuse the very popular Modern format with some new cards, and old favorites from Legacy.  Nobody quite know what to expect, which makes it a very intriguing release to be sure.  Join us for an entire weekend of Prerelease fun exploring this new set!  Here are the details:

When: There will be six Modern Horison Prerelease events over the weekend, in two formats (Draft & Sealed Deck)

Friday, June 7 – MIDNIGHT (Draft)

Saturday, June 8 – 9:00am (Sealed Deck), 2:30pm (Sealed Deck), 8:00pm (Draft)

Sunday, June 9 – 10:00am (Draft), 2:30pm (Draft)

Format: We will be hosting a mixture of 3 Round Booster Drafts & 4 Round Sealed Decks.

Entry Fee:

Sealed Deck: $85.00 // $80.00 for Stronghold Members // 16 Hero’s Rewards
Booster Draft:  $50.00 // $45.00 for Stronghold Members // 9 Hero’s Rewards

You Get: A number of Modern Horizons booster packs to make your deck (3 in a Booster Draft, 6 in a Sealed Deck).  All participants get a FREE Hero’s Reward card for each event they participate in.  Additionally there will be door prizes, delicious snacks from our friends at Hearty Hooligan, and more!

Prizes: We will add Modern Horisons packs into the prize pool based on participation (about 2.5 in Sealed and 2 in Draft per participant).  Each match (aka best of 3 round) a player wins will earn them a prize pack.  Additionally players who perform well will earn additional packs.  Players with a perfect record will earn an additional 4 Booster Packs.  Players who finish 3-1 in a Sealed Deck event will earn +1 Booster Pack as well.

Preorder Special:  Just like with the past number of sets when you preorder you’ll be able to pick up your booster box at the prerelease weekend, as well as a special Flusterstorm Buy-a-Box card!  Check out our Preorder Special for all the details!

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