Keyforge: Thursdays April

Thursday nights are Keyforge nights!  Every Thursday evening we will be running Keyforge gaming in the shop, so grab a deck (or buy one) and join us!  Our Thursday night events are Chainbound events, which means your decks deck tracked, handicapped, and you earn points towards sweet sweet reward!  Here are our details for Thursdays in April:

When: Every Thursday evening, 6pm – 10pm

Entry Fee (unless otherwise stated): $8.00 ($7.00 for Stronghold Members) –or– 2 Hero’s Rewards

Prizes: We will put $5.00 per participant worth of BKG Store Credit in to the prize pool.  All players that finish X-1 or better will win a Hero’s Reward and some store credit.  Additionally we will always put something up from a Discovery OP Kit for any undefeated player (such as a coin set or playmat) when available.

In addition, any of our weekly events in March that hit at least 12 players will also get one of our unique Black Knight Games Keyforge Decks (official, legal promo decks from GAMA)!

April 2019 Formats:
We will alternate through several of the Keyforge formats on Thursdays.  For details on Keyforge Formats, click HERE.

April 4th: Archon Format (1 deck regular tournament), 1 game matches, 3-4 Rounds
April 11th: Reversal Format (1 deck that your opponents use), 1 game matches, 3-4 Rounds
April 18th: Archon Format (1 deck regular tournament), 1 game matches, 3-4 Rounds
April 25th: Sealed Deck, 1 game matches, 3 Rounds ($20 Entry)

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