MTG Commander League

Join us for a four week long Magic: the Gathering Commander League!  You’ll be able to switch up your deck, play games whenever works for you, and compete with others for the honour of being the Top Commander!

Begins: Monday, March 25th
Ends: Monday, April 15th

Entry Fee: $10.00 -or- 3 Hero’s Rewards
Stronghold Members Get: 1 Hero’s Reward for joining

Structure: Players can play Commander League games against others in the league whenever they wish, although there is a bonus for playing on our Casual Mondays MTG day.  Games can be from 2 to 8 players.  When the players play they should grab a match result slip, and submit it to the staff when it is done, with everyone’s points on it.

Each player will earn and lose points based on how well they did, and if they had to resort to foolishness to win the match.  At the end of the league players will earn prizes for both having the most overall points, but also for specific accomplishments.

Match Scoring:

Players earn the following points for their performance in matches:

[+2] Per opponent eliminated
[+1] Eliminating an opponent by attacking with commander
[+1] Save another player from elimination
[-1] Going in an infinite loop
[-1] Taking an extra turn
[-2] Eliminate a player before their 5th turn

[+2] Points for playing at least one match on a Monday.

[+/-?]Each week a special surprise match modifier will also be in play in order to keep things interesting, to be announced each week.


The winner will get a playmat, and additional prizes will be awarded as well for the top players.

players will also win a Hero’s Reward for winning one of the following categories:

Punisher – Most Opponents Eliminated
Job Done Right – Most Kills with Commander
The Savior – Most Saves of another player
Infinite Gauntlet – Most Times Gone Infinite
Marty McFly Award – Most Times Taking an Extra Turn

Additionally players will vote at the end for their favorite opponents, with a Hero’s Reward awarded to the following recipients:

Best Interactive Deck
Best Sportsperson
Most Inventive Deck
Most Hilarious Deck

Each week Kelly will post the current standings, including everyones totals for each of the categories.

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