40K Kill Team: Narrative League

Black Knight Games is very excited to be unveiling our next Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team League!  Our first one was quick, and immediately after the release of the game, so it was pretty simple, but we had lots of players playing some great games, eager to see what we’d do with more time.  Well we thing the time was worth the wait, check out what we have in store:

Registration Deadline: March 2nd

Begins: March 5th
Ends: April 30th

Entry Fee: $10.00


This is a narrative league, and will follow the rules outlined in the Kill Team Core Rules (p.202) with a couple of exceptions to how we will handle scoring and match-ups.

Team Building:

Follow the guidelines for building a Kill Teak outlined in the Core Rules, especially on p.202.  We recommend using the awesome Command Roster resource to manage your team.  Players must submit a copy of starting roster to us before their first game.


You will be assigned 6 opponents to play during the 7 week time-frame.  You may also play up to 6 pick-up games (you may play no opponent more than twice in pick-up games).  You may play these games in any order, and at any time that you can arrange with your opponents, however we recommend Tuesdays since that is our weekly Warhammer 40,000 night.

League Scoring:

Each player begins the league with 8 of each resources (Intelligence, Material, Morale, and Territory).  Losing missions means you will lose some of your resources.  If you ever drop to ‘0’ of any of these resources you will become a ‘Guerilla’ force.  It is possible to earn some resources with Specialist Upgrades.  Additionally, if you play a pick-up game and you win you earn +1 of one of the resources your opponent lost (so pick-up games risk losing resources, but you can also gain).  Once a resource hits ‘0’ it can never be added to.

At the end of the deadline anyone that has ‘Matched Games’ remaining will lose 1 of each resource.  If you believe that it’s impossible to play a matched game despite your best efforts talk with the league commissioner (Brad) and he can assign you a replacement game.

At the end of the deadline any non-guerilla teams will be compared to determine the winner.  We will look at each surviving team’s worst resource first – so it’s better to have a balance (4/4/4/4 would beat 8/3/8/8).  If there are only guerilla teams left then we will go through the same process and look at guerilla teams!


Because resources are key it is important to select your mission carefully.  Consider both players’ resources before picking.  If both players agree they can select any mission from the ‘Narrative’ or ‘Matched Play’ missions.  If they can’t come to an agreement follow the guidelines on p.203 to select your mission (both players roll off and the winner rolls on the chart).

Match Results:

After every game both players must submit their game results via our Match Submission Form.  It’s important that both players submit the form together, otherwise errors can happen.  If you let your opponent do it all then it’s on you if there is a mistake.

League Updates & Tracking:

At least once a week the league commissioner (Brad) will update the overall league standings.  Players should also track their games on the League Tracker cards provided for the most up to date resource scores.

The Spoils of War:

The OP Kit that we have for this league is so full of cool swag that it’s just silly.  You can get more details about the specifics of the OP kit on the Warhammer Community Page, but here are the crucial bits:

Winners Medalions: The top three players overall at the end will get some truly awesome metal Kill Team medallions (Gold/Silver/Bronze)

Kill Team Swag: Every game you play will get you a stamp on the back of your league tracker card, every four stamps you collect will earn you some cool stuff: a Kill Team Dice set with your first 4 games played, and a set of acrylic Kill Team Objectives with your second 4 games played!

Best-in-Faction Badges: But that’s not all, because the top three players in each and every faction will also earn a unique Best-in-Faction badge!

Tactics Cards: All players will also get a small pack of Tactics Cards and a League Tracker card when they play their first game!

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