FNM: Quickdrafts Beta Test & Regular Draft

Black Knights Games was approached by Wizards of the Coast to participate in a test-run for a new format called Quickdrafts.  Quickdraft is a popular format on MTG Arena, and WotC would like to find out if it would be popular in stores too, so they’ve connected with a selection of stores to test the format and get feedback from the players and the store.

We ran a poll on our Facebook Page to see if our players would be interested in testing it, or if they’d rather stick with what was working, and got well over a hundred responses from our players.  It was as close as possible, with almost a perfect split one way or the other depending on the moment you checked.  Ultimately it became clear that there was a good number of players who would love to trial something new, and there were a good number who’d rather keep things steady.  So rather than picking, we’re doing both!

Play Quickdrafts -or- Regular Drafts every Friday in February: Each and every Friday Night Magic, you will have the option of drafting either in a regular draft pod, or in a Quickdrafts pod.  Simply Let us know which, and we’ll add you to the correct one.

Mostly the Same: The entry fee and prize pool will be the same.  Both groups will earn FNM promos.  Both groups will count towards the Winter Championship Season, and 2019 Invitational equally.

One minor downside for regular drafts: Because we have to split these up (and because of the way WotC is collecting data on Quickdrafts) the regular pod will be run and submitted as a regular MTG tournament, not as an FNM – this means slightly fewer plainswalker points, which most players aren’t too concerned with.

What is different about Quickdrafts?:

  • Matches are single-game (instead of best 2 out of 3).
  • Rounds are 20 minutes (instead of 50).
  • We will play 6 rounds (instead of 3).
  • Players get a “free” mulligan each game (this helps mitigate mana problems in your first draw)
  • Each match win will be worth 0.5 wins in our Seasonal Championship standings (so 6 matches = max 3 pts, just like draft)

Report your experience to Wizards: After the month-long test run WotC will contact us, and our Quickdrafts players, and ask what they thought about the format.  We will actually get to give proper feedback, and help them decide whether or not to adopt this format for the future!

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