Big Busy Weekend Incoming!

This Weekend is going to be crazy!

Black Knight Games is running more events this weekend, and more high-profile events, than we have ever done on a single weekend.  We have six Magic: the Gathering Prereleases, our Pokémon Prerelease, and a Star Wars Destiny Regional Tournament.  It’s going to be very busy.  But, fear not, we have planned things out very well.  We have adjusted our layout to accommodate everyone, we’ve ensured that we have plenty of staff on, and designated well.  Nonetheless it would be good to bear the following few things in mind:

No Open Gaming: Even at our busiest events we usually can accommodate a few tables for pick-up games.  On Saturday and Sunday please be advised there there will be no open gaming tables.  Every square foot of our gaming area is designated for our events.

Parking Will Be Rough: Our parking lot isn’t ideal during the busy times, but this weekend it will be very tight.  Please consider getting a lift, carpooling, taking public transit, or exploring other nearby parking options.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Some Parking is Reserved: We have wonderful neighbors, each of which have a few marked designated spots reserved for their business.  Please respect that they still need to run their businesses even on prerelease & regional weekend!

It’s Possible We Hit Capacity, So Preregister: We almost never need to turn anyone aside at any of our events, but this weekend may be an exception.  You can help us out by preregistering (and prepaying) for the events – and you’ll guarantee yourself a spot in the process.

Thank you for understanding.  This weekend is certainly an anomaly for us, as all three of these events are scheduled through the manufacturers.  We didn’t want to miss out on any of these amazing events, so we’ve had to make arrangements to make it all work.  So we thank you for your patience this weekend.

It’s going to be big, and it’s going to be fun!

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