MTG: Ultimate Masters Draft

This Friday, during our FNM Booster Draft, our players will have the chance to participate in an epic pod of Ultimate Masters.  Ultimate Masters is an incredible new set, full of very desirable and sought-after cards.

When: Friday, December 7th, 6:30pm – 10:00pm

Entry Fee: $60.00 -or- 18 Hero’s Rewards
Stronghold Members Get: 1 Hero Reward

Limited Seating: Ultimate masters is the most expensive set ever released by Wizards.  To make sure that we can keep the numbers correct we will be limiting this event to an 8-player pod.  It will be first come first serve, and if we he 8 we will take a waiting list and add additional pods as demanded – but only if we can get to 8.  So if you are interested register now!

Prizes: Unlike our regular FNM drafts, this price pool does not follow the usual format.  In order to keep costs down we will be putting an Ultimate Masters in to the prize pool for any player that goes 2-1, and the winner of the pod will win the Ultimate Box Topper from the box (a one-card booster with amazing odds at being very valuable).

Don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to play a truly special event, with incredible packs to be opened!

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