Black Friday Weekend – All the Sales!

It’s Black Friday Weekend!  That hallowed ancient tradition of getting a great start on your holiday shopping…or just getting sweet dealz for yourself.

This year BKG has stepped it up more than ever, with incredible door crashers, range sales, buy-on-get-one opportunities, bonus Stronghold Points, and more – all combining with the beginning of our annual Holiday Bundle promotion!

What Is On Sale?

In a sense EVERYTHING, because we’ve got bonus points that stack on every purchase.  Every dollar spent this weekend will earn you 20% More Stronghold Points than usual – members included!  Additionally we are kicking off our Holiday Bundle Deals, which means that any time you spend over $100, you will earn an amount of FREE STORE CREDIT, as well as ballots for our Holiday Draws.  So, no matter what you are buying today, you’ll save!

Nice!  But, like, what’s REALLY on sale!?

Oh, “Everything” wasn’t enough for you!?  Alright we can do better than that.  When you buy ANY in-stock board game in the store, you can get a second of equal or lesser value for 20% OFF!  Yep, that will stack with the bonus points, holiday bundles, the whole shebang!  Boom, savings!

Sweet!  But, um, is there more?!

Still not impressed!?  How about entire ranges going on sale, that do anything for ya?  Combining with all the shenanigans above we have every item in the the following ranges on sale:

  • All Novels
  • All Living Card Games (Netrunner, Game of Thrones, etc)
  • All Warmachine & Hordes
  • All Star Wars Destiny
  • All Flames of War & Team Yankee
  • All Malifaux
  • All Dropzone Commander & Dropfleet Commander
  • All Rumbleslam
  • All Necromunda
  • All Adeptus Titanicus
  • All Guild Ball
  • All Star Wars Legion

There, huge swaths of the store with deals on top of deals!  That’s gotta do it for you right?!

But, my best friend is a Magic player, and all he wants are expensive cards, what about him!?!

All Magic: the Gathering singles are 10% OFF this weekend!  Bam!  Please note, that because of the busy weekend we are only taking trade-ins from our Hotlist this weekend – sorry for the inconvenience…

Amazing!  I am on my way in right….wait…is there more!?

More!?!  Are you kidding me?!  You want more!!!???….Yeah…we have more…

We’ve got DOORCRASHER deals that will blow you away!  These are all specific individual items, mostly from very popular games in our store, that we have loads of stock on.  These are some of the best deals in the store.  Doorcrashers still count towards all the other promotions, including bonus points, holiday deals, etc!  Basically everything stacks!

  • MTG Jaces Spellbook
  • MTG Commander Anthology
  • 40K Quest: Blackstone Fortress (New Today!)
  • 40K Kill Team: Rogue Trader
  • 40K Necromunda Core Set
  • Horus Heresy: Adeptus Titanicus Rules kit
  • Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Starter Set
  • Age of Sigmar: Thunder & Blood Starter Set
  • Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault Starter Set
  • Star Wars Destiny Booster Boxes (select sets)
  • Star Wars Legion Starter Sets
  • Dicemasters: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Set
  • Netrunner: 2nd Edition Starter Set
  • Dark Souls Card Game
  • Rising Sun Board Game
  • Legend of the Five Rings RPG Beginner Set
  • Star Wars X-Wing Saw’s Renegades, Rsistance Bomber, & TIE Reaper

Whew….that was a lot of stuff…so, are you coming in!?!

YEP!  How can you guys afford to stack all these deals!?

We are bad at math, and we like seeing people happy!  All of these deals last all weekend (Friday, NOV 23 – Sunday, NOV 25).  The Holiday Bundles will continue until the end of 2018.  See you soon!

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