MTG: Cheat for Charity Holiday Tournament

This holiday season at Black Knight Games we will be hosting a fun Cheat for Charity: A Magical Holiday MTG event.  Cheat in MTG you ask?  Yes.  Splinter Twin, Birthing Pod, Gitaxian Probe, Stoneforge Mystic and all the other goodies are UNBANNED for One Night Only and are more then welcome to join the party.  This is your chance to create the deck you’ve always wanted to and use it to battle for some outstanding prizes! What’s the catch?  It’s going to cost you for each banned card.

When: Wednesday, December 26th, 6:00pm

Entry Fee: $8 ($7 Stronghold members) – OR – 2 Hero’s Rewards.  All entry fees will be donated to The Alzheimer’s Society of Hamilton.

Format: Modern (ALL CARDS ARE LEGAL), 4 Rounds. Rules Enforcement Level: Casual

Prizes:  We have something very special for this Charity Event.  At San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Hasbro offered a limited-edition collection of double-faced Planeswalkers cards from Magic Origins. The five cards were presented with unique “black-on-black” illustrated by Wayne Reynolds.

4 – 0 players at the end of the event will have their choice of a Planeswalker from this set (most donations will be the tiebreak for pick-order).  Remaining Planewalkers will be distributed randomly in the door prizes.

In addition, we will have lots of Door Prizes, Promos, Hero’s Rewards and more!  Just because all the funds are going to charity doesn’t mean we won’t have great prizes!

Cheating Rules:  In order to use banned cards and cheats during your matches, you will have to purchase tickets.  You may purchase tickets before or during the event at any time!

  • CHEAT TICKETS = $2 Each


  1. Tap Target Creature
  2. Gain 2 Life
  3. Scry 1, Draw a card
  4. 2 damage to any target
  5. Opponent revels their hand
  6. “Counter” an opponent’s cheat

Now how are you able to use the cheats in the game?  Spend a ticket and use the effect you want at instant speed!  Your ticket then goes into the door prize pool for your chance to win some sweet swag!

Want to use a cheat more then once in a match? Pay double the tickets for the cheat you wish to reuse.  For example, you want to “Tap Target Creature” but you have already used that cheat, two tickets will let you use it a second time, and four tickets for a third use, etc.…

Using a ticket to cheat is like playing a card.  Priority rules.

For the cherry on top, we will give the Top Donor of the Day a seat at our Grand Championship Invitational Event!

So be a darn, dirty, cheat – after all, it’s for charity!

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