MTG: Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (Standard)

Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers have been a way to move up the ladder from your local shop all the way to the Pro Tour.  Recently Wizards has decided to change up the path to the Pro Tour, which makes this PPTQ our last.  So we are going out with a bang this December with this Standard event!

When: Saturday, December 22nd, 12:00pm (check-in begins at 11:00am)

Entry Fee: $25.00 -or- 8 Hero’s Rewards

Format: Standard, 4-6 Rounds (based on attendance) and a Cut to Top 8.  Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive

Prizes: The winner of the event will get an invite to a Regional PTQ.  Additionally we will be putting $25.00 per participant in to the prize pool.  The prize pool will be split among those in the Top 8, with more going to those that make it furthest.  All participants get a Hero’s Reward, and Stronghold Members get two.

On top of qualifying for a Regional, the winner of this PPTQ event will also qualify for our year end Invitational Event!

So join us for our last PPTQ event!

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