AoS Champions TCG Tournament (Digital)

Join us for an Age of Sigmar Champions Tournament!  Our first event will be a Digital event, so get your app sorted, build that deck, and don’t forget your device for this one!

When: Monday, November 26th, 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Format: Swiss Tournament, 3-4 Rounds based on attendance, Standard.  Digital Event: This event will not use the cards, but will instead use the AoS Champions App to play.  We are hosting the Digital event while everyone is still new, and getting their physical cards together, so expect most future events to be with the actual cards!

Entry Fee: $8.00 ($7.00 for Stronghold Members) –or– 2 Hero’s Rewards

Prizes: We will put 1.5 AoS Champions Packs in to a prize pool, the prize pool will be distributed to the top players, with players that have the same record.  We may also have some extra bonus goodies to give out…okay we will for sure.

This event is open to anyone, it’s our first tournament for AoSC so we are figuring things out – feedback welcome!

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