Star Wars Legion Doubles Tournament

We will be a special two-player team tournament for Star Wars Legion in November!

When: Saturday, November 3rd, 11:00am (Registration begins at 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $20.00 /or/ 6 Hero’s Rewards

Stronghold Members Get: Hero’s Reward

Format: 2-Player Teams, 500pts/player, 3 Rounds, 2hr20min/Round.  Check out the FFG site for Tournament Guidelines.

Forces: Every individual’s army must follow to rules for a legal 500 point Star Wars Legion army.  Teams will play on the same turn.  Any references to ‘Your Army’, ‘Your Models’, ‘Allied Units’ etc only refer to your own units, not your team-mates.

Event Scoring: The tournament will be a Swiss-style tournament, using TOME (the FFG online tournament organizer)

Prizes: We will put $20 per participant, minus the cost of the OP kit, in to a prize pool.  We have SWL Organized Play kits, so we will be giving out promos from it as well!

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