Knights of Blackwood: D&D Beauty in the Eye of the…

It’s time for the October D&D event for our Knights of Blackwood Youth program, this time run by fan-favorite DM Cody!

When: Sunday, October 7

Session 1:  10:00am – 1:00pm
Session 2:  2:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: $15.00 per participant

Player Slots: We only have 8 slots maximum for players for each session, so sign up now and reserve your spot!  We require at least three players in a session to proceed with it.  If we are full we can add you to the reserve list.

Experience Required: This is not an absolute beginner session, like Welcome to Blackwood, to participate you should have either attended our Welcome to Blackwood event, or have had a good amount of experience with D&D 5e.  If you are brand new our Welcome to Blackwood sessions will repeat every few months to give you the intro you need for these more advanced sessions!

Age Restriction: This is a Knights of Blackwood event, so age is restricted to 6 – 16 years old.  However, parents or guardians are welcome to register as well if they wish to join in the fun!

You Get:

Every participant gets a Hero’s Reward card for participating, which can be used on a variety of rewards including a free Pet, or a snack or drink!

Option (+$12.00): If they didn’t take advantage of the bundle during our Welcome to Blackwood event participants can get a set of RPG Dice and a miniature representing your character – both chosen from our huge variety of stock!

The Game: Beauty in the Eye of the…’ is a new adventure in our D&D session storyline.

With Yabobway recently defeated, the heroes of Blackwood thought they could take a break and relax, but the Dark Master has other plans. Join the next installment of the Knights of Blackwood as they try to figure what has occurred in their absence to stop Yabobway. Will the Guild Master forgive them for their crimes? Mot importantly, how will you handle Blackwood’s biggest threat?

All pages, maps, enemy characters, and other necessary items will be provided by the store – the only thing players must have is a miniature for their character, and a set of RPG dice (see the ‘Option’ above if you don’t already have these.

Participants can either continue to use their character from previous KoB adventures, or can create a new level 1 D&D character in advance – just clear the character with Jay beforehand.

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