MTG: The Price of Cardboard

It’s no secret that the price of Magic cards goes up and down like the stock market.  Certain singles soar, while others dip, changing thanks to supply and demand, which in turn are ever-changing thanks to new decks, set rotation, buy-outs, and dozens of other factors.

One thing that is usually more consistent is the price of current sealed product.  In Canada the store cost of booster boxes, has typically only varied by a few dollars here and there, the variances mainly caused by the $US-$CAD exchange rate.  This has allowed stores to be very consistent on their regular stock sealed product for many years.

This has all changed recently, because of two major factors:

  1. The US-Canadian Tariffs.  MTG finds itself caught in the crossfire of the US-Canada trade war.  In response to Tariffs imposed by the United States, Canada has recently imposed retaliatory tariffs that include things like steel, and aluminium, but it also includes ‘playing cards’.  Unfortunately the MTG cards sold to Canada are of a US origin, and therefore get caught up in this tariff – and the costs to Canadian stores has already gone up on everything since Dominaria, and the rest will go up as soon as Canadian warehouses need to re-order older sets.  In general this Tariff will be responsible for raising costs by 10%.
  2. Wizards Raised the Cost, without Raising MSRP.  Wizards has, a little covertly, raised their price.  Also happening this month was a 2% price increase to distributors.  WotC is also closing down their direct distribution option, which means stores MUST go through distribution – which effectively means that sealed product across the board has gone up an additional 2% this month.

So, what does all this mean for Black Knight Games?

Well, despite the fact that BKG has already seen a major cost increase on sealed product we will NOT be raising our regular sealed prices at this time.  But we will be monitoring the situation very closely.

Already when we compare our cost on boosters from Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan the price has gone up about 11.5%.  However, when we last adjusted our MTG prices, back in 2015, we factored in a little bit of room for a variance in costs.  We set our prices at a reasonable place, so that we wouldn’t be as affected by the ups and downs of the exchange rate.  Since that time the exchange rate has leveled slightly in our favour, which means we feel we have enough room with this nearly 12% cost increase to stay where we are.  It’ll hurt our bottom line a little, but we think it will be manageable.  It’s no secret that there are places that you can buy MTG in the area for less than you can from us – I suspect they will have a much harder time with this double-punch to the bottom line, and we will likely see some places raise there prices to stay profitable.  But for now BKG will not have to do this – at least not yet.

Take an Extra Turn and Cash In!

So the good news here is that BKG will not be raising our prices, at least not for some time.  But the GREAT news is that we still have several Nexus of Fate buy-a-box cards available!  This card has been seeing a lot of play, and the ONLY way you can get it is as the Buy-a-Box for Core 2019.  Because of its low supply and high demand it has shot up to about $55.00 CAD – and you get one FREE when you buy a box of Core 2019 at BKG!

So take advantage of our stable price, and this amazing and valuable promotion, while supplies last!

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