40K KoB Kill Team Intro

Join us for an introduction to the new Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team rules set – an all new way of playing, with small specialized squads.  It’s an amazing new system that uses terrain, levels up your characters, and it’s something you can play with just one squad!

Knights of Blackwood: This event is open to all Knights of Blackwood members (our FREE Youth program for those 6-16 years old, so join now if you aren’t a member!)

When: Sunday, Septembe r16, 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Entry Fee: $5.00 (Or 2 Hero’s Rewards)

Details: We will teach everyone about Kill Team, and help you make a list, with a demo about how it works.  We will then play a couple more games, matching players together, helping out with rules, and teaching you how you can level up your Kill Team between battles!  Bring your Warhammer 40,000 miniatures, especially your basic troops, to build your Kill Team from.  If you need help deciding what to bring, ask the staff in advance of the event – and we’ll be happy to help you plan out your Kill Team in advance of the event.

Prizes: All participants will get a KoB Pet, and have the chance to earn a Hero’s Reward which can be redeemed for many prizes, including Knights of Blackwood Pets!

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