KoB: MTG Welcome Deck Tourney

The Knights of Blackwood is our FREE to join Youth Program.  Our goal is to provide great events for the younger players in the shop to participate in, and to that end we are very excited to bring new and experienced players a great inexpensive tournament experience!

When: SUN, September 2, 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Entry Fee: $5.00 -or- 2 Hero’s Rewards

Event Details: 3-4 Rounds, 50mins/Round.  Sanctioned – Casual.  This is a Welcome Deck tournament, which means that you will be supplied with a FREE beginner deck to fight with!

What You Get: All Participants will a free Welcome Deck to build to play with, and a Hero’s Reward for participating.  Lastly, all Knights of Blackwood members will get a free Knights of Blackwood Pet!

Adult Mentors: The Knights of Blackwood is a program for kids ages 6-16, however others can participate in this event, parents and guardians for example.  If you are older than 16 years old, you will be a ‘mentor’ helping out the younger players with rules and being a good example of a good sport.  Mentors will get all the same rewards as younger players, except the Pets.

Prizes: Everyone that plays a game will earn a Hero’s Reward, and anyone that wins at least 2 matches will win a Core 2019 Booster Pack!

So join us for an easy introduction to how Magic Tournaments work!  You don’t need to have anything to play, it’s all provided!

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