In-Depth Hobby Tutorial: How to Make Great Bases

We are often asked when the best times are to come in an learn some things about painting, or hobbying.  And, while we are always happy to have you pop in, we haven’t done enough hobby-focused events to spread some of the expertise our staff and volunteers have.  So we are creating a new event type that we intend to run often: In-Depth Hobby Tutorials.

Tutorial Synopsis: In our first tutorial, Jay will get in to how to make eye-catching basing schemes for your armies.  We will discuss many techniques, and be hands-on with them, to get you comfortable with materials like green stuff, rolling pins, flocks, foliage, scatter, tufts, sands, cork, and more!  Jay will explain the benefits of having a well-based army, and we will go over how to create a basing scheme that isn’t too time-consuming, yet really completes the look.

When: Saturday, August 25, 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Entry Fee: $15.00 -or- 8 Hero’s Rewards – or- FREE if you are in the Age of Sigmar Call to Arms

Event Cap: We will only take a maximum of 12 participants, so register now if you are interested!

You Will Get: In addition to the four hours of expert instruction, we will be supplying a hand-out for you to take home, as well as all the building materials you will need for the seminar.  You will be able to take home the bases you create.


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