MTG 2018 BKG Grand Championship Invitational

Our Seasonal Championship series has been a very popular addition to our regular gaming nights, crowning champions every three months, be we want to take it a step further!  To that end Black Knight Games is very happy to announce our 2018 Grand Championship Invitational tournament!

What is it?:  Our Invitational will be a prestigious MTG event that we host at the end of 2018.  The 32 participants will each be invited to attend based on their successes gaming at BKG over the past year.  The event will be a multi-format event, with the aim of crowning a single BKG Grand Champion, and presenting them with an exciting reward.

Who Gets Invited?: There are a couple of ways that our gamers might get invited:

  • If you are crowned ‘Champion‘ in any of the four seasons of 2018, you will be invited.
  • If you win one of our four Store Championship events in 2018, or any BKG Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier in 2018 you will be invited.
  • If you are the top-ranked unqualified player in one of our ‘Last Chance Qualifier‘ events you will earn an invite.  The three weekly events in the week immediately before the Grand Championship will be LCQs.  In the case of a tie, for example multiple undefeated draft pods, the player yet to qualify with the best record in the Winter 2018 season will win the tie.
  • Remaining seats in the invitational will be hand-selected by BKG, based on things like overall attendance, record, and loyalty to the community.

Invitations, other than those from the LCQ, will be extended in advance, and we will also have a waiting list that we will keep in the case of some of our top 32 not being able to make it.

Event Details

When: January 5th, 2019, Starts at 10am

Entry Fee: $30.00 per player
Total Prize Pool & Prize Value: $1,260 in credit, +1 Booster Box, 8 Playmats, Champion Plaque, Draft Packs for eight, & 40 Hero’s Rewards.

Competition Level: REL Competitive, We will have a L2 judge on hand.

Format: 32 Player event, 2 four-round tournaments, followed by a three-round top-8 draft.  Each of the 4 round segments will be seeded, and matched as their own separate events.

10:00am:  4 Rounds Swiss of Modern

2:00pm:  4 Rounds Swiss of Standard

6:00pm: Top-8 Booster Draft, elimination.

Byes: If you auto-qualified more than once, not including LCQs, you will be given a single Bye, which can be take either in the Modern or in the Standard leg.  No more than 1 Bye may be earned.

Prize Distribution:

All participants get: 1 Hero’s Reward
Top 8 Participants get: Grand Championship Playmat, a second Hero’s Reward, Boosters for the Top 8 Draft.
5th-8th Place: An additional $50.00 BKG Store Credit
3rd-4th Place: An additional $100.00 BKG Store Credit
2nd Place: A standard-legal Booster Box of their choice, & $100.00 BKG Store Credit
BKG Grand Champion 2018: $600.00 BKG Store Credit, Grand Champion Plaque

Already Qualified: The following individuals have already earned an invite

Nolan McDonald
(Earned 1 Bye)
Winter 2018 Modern
Winter 2018 Standard
Steve Conway
(Earned 1 Bye)
Spring 2018 Modern
Summer 2018 Modern
Cody McCowell Spring 2018 Standard Micah Hewer Winter 2018 Draft
Aaron Stross
(Earned 1 Bye)
Spring 2018 Draft
Summer 2018 Draft
Core 2019 Store Champ
Adam Guite Dominaria Store Champ
Jack Robbins Rivals of Ixalan Store Champ Josh Fitsimmons Summer 2018 Standard
Tyler Harrison PPTQ Modern (SEP 2018) Nick Davies Fall 2018 Draft
Brian Spencer Fall 2018 Modern John Robbins Fall 2018 Standard
Paul Krznarc PPTQ Standard (DEC 2018) Alex Thomson Cheat for Charity Top Donor


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