It has been some time since we’ve hosted a PPTQ, but we are coming back with a bang with a Modern event!

When: Saturday, September 1st, 12:00pm (check-in begins at 11:00am)

Entry Fee: $25.00 -or- 8 Hero’s Rewards

Format: Modern, 4-6 Rounds (based on attendance) and a Cut to Top 8.  Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive

Prizes: The winner of the event will get an invite to a Regional PTQ.  Additionally we will be putting $25.00 per participant in to the prize pool.  The prize pool will be split among those in the Top 8, with more going to those that make it furthest.  All participants get a Hero’s Reward, and Stronghold Members get two.

So join us for a big Modern Event to close out summer vacation!

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