Age of Sigmar Boss Fight

With the new edition of AoS exploding at Black Knight Games, and with the over forty people in our Call to Arms building new armies, we though we’d run a fun Leader-Only mega-battle to give our generals some practice while their army is build in the painting-forges.

When: Monday, July 9th, 6:00pm

Entry Fee: $5.00 // 2 Hero’s Rewards (Stronghold Members get a Hero’s Reward for playing) // Call to Arms Participants get in FREE!

Format: Everyone brings a single ‘Leader’ model, maximum 250pts.  Models that are painted gain +D3 Wounds.  We will have a single massive king-of-the-hill style gladiatorial battle!

Prizes: We will put $5 per person in to a prize pool, which will be distributed to the participants who achieve special achievements, based on attendance, like ‘Last-Boss-Standing’, ‘Most Kills’ etc.

Is your leader ‘Ard enough?!?  Prove It!

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