Warmachine & Hordes Balance of Power League

Outmatched and outgunned, can you find a way to win?  What’ll it take to even the playing field against some of the community’s strongest players?  This is Balance of Power.

In the past our Warmachine leagues have focused on adding a fun casual element to our most competitive miniatures game.  Encouraging new and growing players to play with seasoned veterans is a key goal of growing a community and maintaining its long term health.  This time, rather than ignoring competitive elements of play, we’re leaning into them in a league format especially tuned to allow new players, veterans, and returning players to play hard against one-another with reasonable odds of winning.

When: The league will start on July 5th and conclude on August 16th

Sign up: Register any time.  We will continue to take registration throughout the course of the league because it is easy to join any time.  At the time of registration, a player may voluntarity give themselves a Handicap of as low as -3 or as high as +3.

Entry Fee: $10.00 // 3 Hero’s Rewards.  Entry fees collected will cover a variety of achievement-style rewards given out throughout the league.

Format: Win games, they get harder.  Lose them, it gets easier.  Eventually, you’re facing down the best player at the store, and somehow it feels like an even match!

Need more details?

  • Each time a player wins a game, they lose a Handicap point.  Similarly, each time a player loses a league game, they gain a Handicap point.  This Handicap is uses to balance out future games, keeping matches played during the league interesting and challenging.
  • Baseline games are played at 75 points and on a 60 min Deathclock.
  • Players compare Handicap after lists are picked, but before a match begins.
  • If one player has a positive Handicap (or no Handicap at all) and their opponent has a negative one (or no Handicap at all), each point of Handicap adds or subtracts either 3 points from a player’s list or 5 minutes from their clock (players choose how their own Handicap is applied).
  • If both players have a positive or negative Handicap, reduce those values by the same amount until one is 0.  The player left with the positive or negative value modifies their list or clock by 3 points or 5 minutes per point of Handicap.
  • Handicap has no effect on theme benefits including points spent to qualify for free solos, etc.  If a player cannot add or remove the exact number of points for their Handicap value, a list can be played without making use of all the bonus points or more points down than a Handicap would suggest.

Example 1: Adeline and Bert are playing a game.  Adeline has a +2 Handicap, while Bert has a +4.  They determine that Bert may include some extra bonuses in his time or list.  He opts to take an extra 6 point solo legal in his theme force.  This does not modify his list in any other way.  

Example 2: Colin and Dan are playing a game.  Colin has a handicap of -4, while Dan has a +1 Handicap.  Dan plays a regular 75 point list, opting to use his +1 to take 5 extra minutes for a personal Deathclock of 65 minutes.  Colin chooses to lose 6 points from his list (dropping a 6 point solo that was free in his theme list and otherwise leaving his list unchanged) and also play with a clock reduced by 10 minutes, for a personal Deathclock of 50 minutes.

Example 3: Erik and Frank are playing.  This is their first game of the league and neither one of them has a Handicap at all.  They play a standard 75 point game on a 60 minute Deathclock.  

Scheduling: Games can be played at any time, and we encourage you to play any pickup games with a league member as league match.  Because handicaps become more accurate the more games played, we strongly encourage folks to play as much as possible to get to a level where games are optimally challenging and rewarding.  As Thursdays are the regular Warmachine night, we especially encourage league participants to come out and game on this evening.

Prizes: The focus on this league is playing games and growing as a community.  Each week, players are invited to share their experiences by messaging Tim.  Tell us about your milestones!  Did you beat a player for the first time ever?  Did you win a game, despite only having 30 minutes to play it?  Over the course of the league we’ll be giving out awards/prizes for good achievements, along with displays of integrity and fair-play.  There will also be a prize of dubious value to the league participant with the most overall games played.

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